The Pan Family Diaries

The Pan Family has come to Movellas! *Credit to Shadownights for book idea*


3. Glacier's Bio

Name: Glacier "Ice" Pan



Supernatural Type:occult Mermaid/Human

Magic Type:Water

Apperence:Long red curly hair that goes to butt and random blue streaks. Green eyes, pale skin, and pale pink lips, wears combat boots a lot and dresses a lot. Outfits very they ussaly include blue.

Weapons:Powers, knife, or Tridents Staff

Traits:Shy around people she's never met, but easily becomes friends, You have to gain her trust. Smart, and kind, but can be very self harming, thinking she is a monster.

Likes:Gravity, Wendy, her Cove, the Little Mermaid and swimming.

Dislikes;Peter and Tink at times.

Mother:Wendy Darling

Father:Peter Pan


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