Love at first Sight

So Sam has never liked 1D. But when her friends drag her to a concert. It's Niall that falls for her first. So does Sam fall for Niall? Read to find out more.


11. Two more days




   Sam's POV


                   Tonight all of us girls were having a sleepover at Jackie's. We have this tradition were we have a girls night once a month. Anyway's I was the last one to arrive and all the girls were in there pajamas and so was I. We then decided to play truth or dare. 

  "Okay, I'll go first." Hannah said " Rebecca truth of dare?"

  " Truth" Rebecca said 

   " Is it true that you told everyone we met One direction?" Hannah asked

    " Of course it's true." Rebecca screamed. Knowing my friends there were all going to be One Direction related questions and just to my knowledge I was correct. We played for along time, doing some of the weirdest things then Jackie asked me truth or dare. 

      " Truth" I said 

      " Okay, is it true that you and Niall kissed?" Jackie asked. 

      " Maybe" I said very hesitant, with my face turning red.

     " O.M.G. you did!" Kailee said " How was it."

      " It was magical, I really like him." Then all of a sudden my phone rang. 

      " I have to take this" I said reading the caller ID

       " Hello?" I said

       " Hi, Sam are you busy?"  Niall asked

       " A little, why?" 

       " well I told the guys about you and me and they weren't really.. "

        " Niall I get it, they don't think its a good idea." I said interrupting him, "But that won't stop us, what if tomorrow night we all get together for dinner." 

        " We could do it at our place." Niall said 

          "Sound's great" I said , and we hung up. I went back to my  friends and I  told them about tomorrow night and they all seemed excited with it. And I was really excited.

         Niall's POV

           I am so excited for tomorrow night, but I am dreading telling Sam that tomorrow is our last night in town. I wonder how she is going to take it???


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