Love at first Sight

So Sam has never liked 1D. But when her friends drag her to a concert. It's Niall that falls for her first. So does Sam fall for Niall? Read to find out more.


6. The phone call


  Sam POV

   After the concert the girls came back over to my house for a sleepover. In the morning I received a phone call. I didn't answer it apparently Kailee got it. I Heard her all giggly and happy. Then she comes in and says Jackie can I speak to you. That was strange. But it was to early to even care. 

    Kailee's POV

   Sam's phone was ringing and it looked like she was sleeping, so I got it. 

 "Hello?" the voice said.

  "Hi?" I replied.

  "Is Sam there" the voice asked

  "Sorry, she is asleep right now. Can I take a message?" I said

  "No, its okay i will call back later." And thats when I recognized the voice. It was Niall Horan.

  "Wait, is this Niall?, Niall Horan...???" I asked

 "Umm... Yes" it replied "Will you tell her I called."

  "Of course" I said and hung up. I just had to tell someone. Jackie. I will tell Jackie. 

  I walked into Sam's room and took Jackie out.

  "What?" she asked

   "Guess who was on the phone?" 

   "Who" she asked

  "Niall Horan, i think he wants to ask sam out."

  "O.M.G., but there is no way she will say yes." Jackie said


    Niall's POV  

 I decided to call her. But, her friend answered. I was disappointed. We were leaving Los Angles in a week and I just had to see her before then. I needed to call her back later, but will she answer, maybe if her friend answered again I can arrange something for us to meet. I won't know until I call. 

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