Love at first Sight

So Sam has never liked 1D. But when her friends drag her to a concert. It's Niall that falls for her first. So does Sam fall for Niall? Read to find out more.


2. The 1st concert

     Sam's POV


          After School we all got into Hannah's car and started driving to the Staples Center. I said "I better call my mom and tell her where I'm going". When I take out my phone Rebecca takes it from me and says " I already called her, she said stay out as late as you want." 


    On the way Downtown we stopped to get dinner then went to the Concert. When we got into Staples Center I couldn't believe how close our seats were. First 5SOS performed. They were amazing,I loved there cover of Firework. Then, they introduce One Direction and Jackie, Katie, Hannah,Rebecca,and Kailee go Crazy. The band runs out and all the girls start yelling. I should have brought earplugs. The boys start with What makes you beautiful, Tell me a lie, Midnight Memories, Diana, Kiss you, Live while were young, and Alive. 


         Then, they start answering twitter questions. I think its Liam That said we have a request for Harry to Twerk. All the girls went from screaming to there faces turning bright red, when he started ti twerk. They kept answering questions and I just sat on my phone playing Flappy bird. Then Niall reads a tweet that is from "Hannah_Banana Row 11 Seat 12" O.M.G. that was Hannah's twitter. I wonder what she wrote. Niall continues "she ask if Liam can make his most silliest face ever." All of a sudden Niall stares at us. Then directly at me. 

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