Love at first Sight

So Sam has never liked 1D. But when her friends drag her to a concert. It's Niall that falls for her first. So does Sam fall for Niall? Read to find out more.


1. School!


           Sam's POV


                I woke up from school remembering that it was the first day back to school since Spring break. The only reason I dragged myself out of bed was to see my best friends. Jackie, Katie, Hannah, Rebecca, and Kailee. The one thing that I hate about my friends, is that there to into the boy band One Direction. I went downstairs and smelt pancakes. My mom always made a healthy breakfast. 

                It was about 7:45 when the bus came. I said goodbye to my mom and hoped on the bus. when I got on the bus I looked around for a seat and saw my friend Kailee waving at me. I walked over to her, and said "hey Kailee, whats up." She replied back with "nothing much what about you?" "Nothing much" I said. I looked at her shirt and saw the boys of one direction on it. She saw me looking at her shirt with my evil eye. Then she, finally broke the awkward silence my saying. "I got One Direction tickets for all of us tomorrow night. Are you in?" I finally answered back by saying "Fine!" 

          When we got to school we got off the bus and ran to our locker, where our friends were waiting. Their I saw the girls all wearing there One Direction Shirts. I finally said "Why are you guys wearing those?"They just ignored me and started talking about One Direction, and I was totally lost. At least I know which boys are which. Harry the one with the head of curls, Zayn the one with earrings, Liam the one with the fear of spoons, Louis the one who lives carrots, and Niall the blond one who I thought was a little cute. Then the bell rings and we all walk to class.

          On the way to homeroom Jackie says "Guys I got 1D tickets for all of us tonight" "But I thought the concert was sold out" Katie said. "My cousin had extra tickets she gave to me" Jackie answered. "So you guys in?"  "Yes" they all said. "Sure" I said.

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