Love at first Sight

So Sam has never liked 1D. But when her friends drag her to a concert. It's Niall that falls for her first. So does Sam fall for Niall? Read to find out more.


5. Meeting 1D

  Sam's POV


       We are walking out and then some guy ran to us and said that we have won backstage passes and a chance to meet One Direction. He then said " Do you accept?" "Yes!" My friends shouted. " I am gonna go wait in the car" I said "Have Fun" Then the man said "You all must come." So I went, I didn't want to, but I did.


    When we got backstage the boys were standing. Rebecca ran to Louis, Kailee ran to Zayn, Hannah ran to Liam, and Jackie and Katie ran to Harry. Niall came up to me.

   "Hey, my name is Niall" He said.

  "Hey, I am Sam and just so if your wondering I don't date celebrities." I said meanly.

 It's true I am not one of those fan girls that there, one and every thought is if Niall Horan is going to marry them.

  I heard laughing behind me. 

      "well if you ever change your mind, heres my number." Niall said writing it on my wrist. I then wrote my number on his. 

 "heres, my number, its 1-800- Go-Away" I said writing it on his hand. The laughing kept going on. 

 "Funny, whats your real number" Niall asked.

   "Fine I will give it to you, Its 1-800-A-Bye-Bye, Girls lets go." I yelled annoyed. I left and the girls followed behind, but stopped and waved goodbye to Niall, Liam,Harry,Louis,Zayn. 


   Niall's POV

    I can't believe it. I knew she wasn't a directioner, but she just docent like celebrities. Liam then came up to me and said "Worst turn down ever, but don't worry we will find her." 

 "How do you know?" I asked

 "Because, one of her friends gave Zayn her number." Liam replied 

  Kailee's POV 

  So-what if i might have given Zayn, Sam's number. Niall Horan wants to date her, you just don't turn someone like that down. We were in the car driving home when Jackie asked something.

 "Sam, why did you turn Niall down, I mean seriously Its Niall Horan and he thinks you were HOT!" 

 "I don't know i am just not into Celebrities." Sam said. 

  "No, you mean you are just not into One Direction" Rebecca said. 

   "Thats not true, I am not into Celebrities." Sam said.

   "Sure...." Hannah said.

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