Love at first Sight

So Sam has never liked 1D. But when her friends drag her to a concert. It's Niall that falls for her first. So does Sam fall for Niall? Read to find out more.


7. Celebrities are a NO!


  Niall's POV

   It was 1 in the afternoon, we were rehearsing for our show. It would be aswome if Sam was there. We were on a 10 minute break so I decided to call. It rang 3 times before someone answered.


  Kailee's POV

        We were all in the kitchen, Sam was cooking lunch, when her phone rang. 

 "Can you get that Kailee?" I went to go get the phone.

 "Hello?" I said

 "Sam?" The voice said.

 "No. Kailee."

 "Oh hey, Its Niall"

 "Hey Niall, Sam is a little busy now I will tell to call you back later."

 "Wait, can I talk to you?" he asked



  Niall's POV


 I can't believe Kailee set up a date for me and Sam tomorrow morning. I heard Paul calling us back to the stage. I went. 

"So I was thinking tomorrow morning we can do some sight-seeing." Liam said

"No, I have a date tomorrow morning." I said

"With who?" Zayn asked

 "Sam." I said

"But she hates you!" Louis said

"Thanks man." I said

 "Okay well I guess it is just us 4 then." Harry said.


Kailee's POV


"Everyone come in, here I have to say something." I screamed for everyone to come into the Living room. After eve everyone gatherd around I said what I had to, 

"So on the phone was Niall Horan."  Everyone one went Crazy, except Sam. I think she knew what I had done. She knows me too well. 

"Well Sam, You and Niall have a date tomorrow morning. "

"Kailee! YOU! DIDNT!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

" I did." I said

Sam ran upstairs to her room and started to cry.  Jackie ran up stairs after her.


Sam's POV


 I was mad. I couldn't believe Kailee. Why would she do that. She knows I would never date a celebrity. Jackie then came in.

"Why are you so mad." She asked

​"Because I don't want to date a celebrity." I said

"But why not." She asked

​"Because, once you date a celebrity the tabloids never leave you alone." I said

"That's one reason, but its not the reason, what is it Sam? What is it?" 

​"I just don't want to get my heartbroken again."

What I mean is I dated a local celebrity for three years. We were madly in love until one day I caught him cheating on me with my ex-bestfriend Carol. Since then I haven't even thought about boys. Sure I have been asked out, I have gone on few dates but celebrities are a defiant NO!

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