-ON HOLD- It's Love (Luke Hemmings)

Melissa Stokes, had been best friends with Calum Hood since she was 5, after leaving Sydney when she was 12, leaving Calum without saying goodbye, now returning, now she's 16, will their friendship still be there?


11. (Not a Chapter )

Hey guys, sorry this isn't a chapter but...

would anyone be interested in a Luke Hemmings Fanfiction?

I've been working alot on a plot, but I don't know if anyone would be interested, so I'm going to leave a few ideas, so comment which one you like best...


Management is out looking for a suitable girl to play the role of Luke Hemming's girlfriend, the bad boy's reputation needs to turn good, but what if they're not pretending anymore?

Luke Hemmings has a casual relationship with the girl at the back of the class, what will happen if feelings arise?

Luke Hemmings is the dork of the school, but when he's asked to tutor the baddest of the bad, will it be cliche or will it just end in tears...?


Hope you guys like these suggestions, I'm not sure when I'll be able to start but it will be good for all those Luke girls, haha

- Jamielee xoxo


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