-ON HOLD- It's Love (Luke Hemmings)

Melissa Stokes, had been best friends with Calum Hood since she was 5, after leaving Sydney when she was 12, leaving Calum without saying goodbye, now returning, now she's 16, will their friendship still be there?


9. Chapter 6

"Whats the plan for today?" I ask Calum, eating a slice of toast, it was about 10am, me and Calum just talked the whole of last night and watched movies, he told me how he met the band, and some pretty embarrassing things about Michael.

It was nice being friends with Calum again, I've missed having my best friend and having someone to laugh at my somewhat weird humour.

"Well Melissa, we do have a party tonight," Calum smiles remembering me, ugh. I cannot be bothered with this girls party, she and her friends obviously don't like me, they practically laughed at me right infront of Calum.

"I'm not sure if I should go," I admitted, wiping my hands,

"I mean, no one knows me," I laugh, "Well what a great way to meet people then," Calum smiles, grabbing his phone from his pockets,

"The boys are coming over, and Maya's coming," he informs me, still texting on his phone, I really liked Maya, even though I hardly got to speak to her, she just seemed like a cool person.

"Well then, I'm going to go get changed," I say standing up, "Whats wrong with what your wearing?" Calum asks, as I laugh,

"Uh, I wore it yesterday?" I laugh, looking at Calum confused, 


"Calum, you're disgusting," I laugh, walking up to my bedroom.

I quickly get dressed, and put on minimal make up, as I jam to All Time Low, dancing around my room. I felt so care free, it was the best I felt in months and I had only been back a few days,

"Mel, what the hell are you doing?" Calum asks, laughing outside my bedroom door, I immediatly feel my cheeks heat up, oh god,

"Uh," I stutter, seriously Mel, you just had to get caught dancing around your bedroom.

"You should have called me to join your dance party!!" Calum says, throwing his hands up in the air, as we dance stupidly around my room to 'Dear Maria Count Me In', it was just like old times, Calum was dancing badly as usual,

"Calum!, watch!" I shout, seeing Calum dancing near the stack of books in the middle of the room, I haven't completely unpacked yet,

It's too late, Calum completely fell over and knocked all the books down, great going Calum.

"That hurt" He cries, holding his elbow, "Stop being such a baby, let me see" I laugh, walking over to him.

"Don't hurt me" He says, looking scared, as I laugh a little harder, I take a hold of his arm careful not to hurt him, as I kiss his elbow, 

"There all better," I smile, holding my hand out to help Calum up, he was blushing slightly, I chuckle at the thought of me making him blush,

"I-uh, thanks," He stutters walking out of my room, okay then, I laugh a little.

I walk back over to the fallen stack of books, and fix them to look tidy, laughing again as I replay in my mind Calum falling over them,

"Uh, Mel," Calum quietly said from behind me, I jump slightly at his presence, I didn't even realise he returned to my room,

"Yeah?" I ask, standing up, looking at Calum, he seemed nervous, he was scratching the back of his head, I found it cute.

"I like it like this," Calum admitted, "Like what?" I ask, a little confused,

"You being here," he blushed, I felt my cheeks heating up aswell, what am I doing,

"I like being back," I smile, looking at Calum,

There was a few moments of silence, but we just looked at each other, as I felt the gap between us closing, it's like I couldn't stop this happening, Calum's face was so close to mine I could feel his hot breath on my face, my heart was racing as he came closer,

We heard the door open, as we quickly moved away from each other, what the hell was about to happen, me and Calum are friends, and I'd like to keep it that way, I don't want anything to ruin our friendship, it's all I have.

"I-uh, sorry" Calum quickly says, making his way out of my room, that can never happen again, I think to myself.

I quickly get myself together, put on a smile and make my way downstairs.


"Melissa!" Maya shouts running over to give me a hug, my cheeks are still red from the events that happened, well, nearly happened upstairs,

"Hey guys," I smile, letting go of Maya, I liked it when the guys and Maya were over, because things were so cool, I hadn't really hung out with anyone when I was living with my Gran, I went to school came home and studied, repeating the same thing every day, and the weekends were spent at the library reading, I guess you could say I liked to read,

"Michael was saying you're coming with us tonight?" Maya smiles, as I nod my head, plastering a smile on my face, I wish I didn't have to go, but Mum and Joy are out, they're rarely ever here, they're always working away, and I don't really want to stay in the house myself.

"Well we can get ready at mines later, these guys are a riot when they're getting ready," Maya chuckles, I can imagine,

"Hey," Michael pouts, I laugh at his facial expression, these guys are big kids, we continue to laugh and joke around for a while, and we made our way to the basement, things were a little wierd between me and Calum, I wish it wasn't, we had just gotten back to being friends again, it's all my fault, I could have stopped what was happening sooner, and things would have been fine, I let out a sigh, as all heads turn to me,

"Whats up?" Ashton asks from beside me, he hasn't left my side since he got here, which is kinda cute, he's really nice, and a friend that I need right now,

"I'm bored," I lie, standing up, I can fee Calum's eyes follow me, he hasn't took his eyes off me, which I find quite creepy to be honest, but I don't want to confront him about it, that would be awkward.

"Let's have a dance party," Ashton exclaims, as me and Calum look at each other and start laughing uncontrolably, we probably looked crazy, but I doubt neither of us cared,

"What?, did I say something?" Ashton asks looking confused, I try to calm myself as me and Calum make eye contact once again, making me laugh even more,

"Mr. Hood over here, thought he was cool to join the dance party that was in my room, and fell over a stack of books, resulting him crying like a baby 'cause he hurt his elbow," I manage to get out, still laughing, as the boys and Maya join in, 

"Hey, it hurt," Calum pouts, maybe things weren't going to stay awkward,

"You're meant to be a man," Luke laughs, shaking his head, this was too good, I feel bad for poor Calum, but hey, it was funny.

"I'm going to get a drink," I say, walking up to the kitchen,

I feel genuinely happy, for the first time in a long time, things are actually going right, and I couldn't be happier, maybe thing will be just as normal, if it could, that would be amazing, I reach my hand out, trying to reach the top shelve to grab a glass, my finger nudges it, making it come closer, when all of a sudden it fell to the floor and shattered everywhere, I felt a slight jab in my arm,

"Woah, Melissa are you okay?" Calum echoed, running towards me, "Ouch, uh, I think so, yeah," I say unsure, I bend down to start picking up the pieces of glass,

"Mel, stop, you're bleeding," Calum said, gently taking a hold of my hand, a piece of glass must have got stuck, "Sit on the counter," Calum instructed, I watch him carefully pick up all the glass and put it in the bin, as he walks towards me, taking a hold of my arm,

I feel my breathing hitch, as he looks up and into my eyes, and quickly looks back to my arm, I feel nervous, he's this close to my arm, and he could notice my scars, I try to make it obvious that I'm not hiding anything,

He looks so concentrated, as he pulls the small shard of glass out, it stung a little but it didn't phase me, he quickly put a small plaster on it as he looked up, and locked eye contact,

"I guess it was time for me to make you feel better," He says, as he leaves a small kiss over the plaster, I feel my heart beat faster as soon as his lips made contact with my skin, what is happening to me?

"Thats nice," I manage to say without stuttering, I've never felt so nervous with Calum, even when I came back from Scotland,

"You know, you look more beautiful," he implied, as our heads became incredibly close to each other, my heart rate was off the scales, I know I should try and stop this, but I can't, and to be honest, I don't think I want to,

He raised his hand, and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, very cliche, but whatever, he was doing it right,


"Mhm," He answers, his eyes flickering from my eyes to my lips, he looked hot, and I've never felt this way in my life, but he's my friend, only my friend, right?

"Wh-what are you doing," I stutter, a smirk appears on his face, seeing I was weak, shit,

*Calum's POV*

"Something I should've done a long time ago," I admit, licking my lips,

I don't know what's gotten over me, but whatever it is, feels right,

I wasn't lying when I said Mel looked more beautiful, she was stunning, but I don't think she knew it, which is kinda sad, someone like her doesn't realise what effect she has on people, especially me,

I could tell she was nervous, she was stuttering when she spoke, I don't blame her, I feel nervous too, but I don't want her to know that, I lean in closer, closing the gap between us,

I immediatly felt sparks as I pressed my lips against hers, I don't know about her, but it felt right, our mouths moved in sync, it felt as though nothing around us mattered, I wrapped my arm around her waist, as she wraps her hands around my neck, she pulls on my hair slightly, I let out a small moan, she smiled into the kiss, as I bit her lip, asking for entry, she quickly let me in, we continued for what seemed like forever, I brought her closer to my body, moving my hands down, below her waist as my hands were securely on her bum, she let out another soft moan,

We seperated, our foreheads pressed againt each other, as we try to catch our breath, damn that was amazing

"I should have done that sooner," I chuckle, as a larger smile creeps onto her lips, I wish this moment could have lasted forever, but obviously it wasn't meant to,

*Melissa's POV*

Amazing was an understatement for what just happened, my heart was still beating out my chest, sparks had erupted in my stomach and it felt amazing, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, this moment was perfect,

We had our foreheads pressed againt each other, as we looked deep into each others eyes, this was my first kiss and it felt amazing, I began to calm down as I was looking into Calum's eyes,

"So, uh,you wanted a drink?" Calum asks, I could hear the shakiness in his voice, atleast I know he feels the same way, "Uh, yeah," I smile, hopping down off the counter, Calum reached for a glass and poured me some water, and watched me as I drank it, kinda wierd but I didn't mind.

"Mel, we heading to mine to get ready?" Maya asked, walking into the kitchen, I snapped out of my thoughts and brought myself back to reality,

"Uh, yeah, bye Calum," I blush, walking out of the kitchen,




We walk into Maya's bedroom, I've been quiet the whole way here, my thoughts trailing back to what happened in the kitchen, what does this make me and Calum?, does this mean he likes me, or was it just a heat of the moment that meant nothing?

"Mel, I seen what happened," Maya laughs, as I feel my cheeks burn for the hundredth time today, "You did?" I sigh, there's no use in denying it, it happened, and I don't know how to feel about it,

"It looked serious," she laughs again, "I don't think it was serious" I answer sitting down on Maya's bed, Maya gave me a confused look, as she takes a few dresses out from her wardrobe,

"Blue or Red?" she asks, holding up these two beautiful dresses, "Blue," I answer with a smile,

"Shit, what am I going to wear?" I start to panic, I didn't bring clothes to Maya's and theres not enough time to go back,

"Don't worry, I've got this perfect black dress, that will have Calum drooling all over you" Maya smirks,

"Were not even together" I protest,

"Exactly, he'll want to get together with you after he see's you in this," she winks, I groan in annoyance, but I let Maya do my hair and make up, and I got changed into the dress,

"How do I look?" I ask, walking into the room, crossing my arms over my stomach, I did that when I felt nervous, and why should I be, it's only Calum.

"Well, damn hunny, you have curves," she laughs, as she checks her phone, "Well the boys are here, so let's go," she smiles, I stick on a pair of black converse, theres no way in hell I'm wearing heels,

We make our way outside, and into the car, the boys were all looking at us as if we were martians or something,

*Calum's POV*

As Melissa makes her way into the car I can't help but stare, she looked beautiful, the dress hugged her body perfectly and showed she had boobs and a butt, I look down to see she was wearing converse, I laugh to myself, typical Melissa,

"You look beautiful Melissa" Ashton said to Melissa, I felt myself tense up as I see her blush, shouldn't it be me that compliments her, not him?

I sigh in annoyance, looking out the window until the cab stops infront of Rachel's house.

As we walk into the house, there is a strong smell of alcohol, and the place is filled with people making out, I'm pretty sure I don't know half the faces in here, we all make our way to the kitchen, and were greeted by Rachel, wearing this close to nothing dress, ugh

"Hey Calum," She giggled, twirling her hair around her finger, comlpletely ignoring the rest of the group,

Don't get me wrong, Rachel was hot, and she can be nice, but she throws herself at guys, and to me, that's just not attractive,


*Melissa's POV*

Rachel came to greet us, pretty much as soon as we walked in, well Calum anyway,

I felt a pang of jelousy that she was speaking to Calum, but to be honest, I don't know what to say,

"Glad to see you could make it Melissa," she smiles, as I smile back, I feel a nudge at my side, and I turn around to see Maya gesturing me to go with her,

"Hey, we're just going to go look around, see you soon," I smile, linking arms with Maya, ans walking away, I let out a sigh of relief, I didn't wan't to be there another second.

"I don't like her," I blurt out,

"Well atleast you have sense," Maya laughs, we see an empty couch and decide to go over and sit on it,

"So, what's happening between you and Calum?" Maya asks, even the mention of his name makes me blush, the thoughts of the heated make out session earlier return to mind, 

"Nothing's happening" I sigh, grabbing a beer from the small table next to us, and passing one to Maya, I'm not one to drink, but I need to get my mind clear tonight,

"Something's got to be happening, you don't have a make out session like that and forget about it," Maya winks, as I laugh at her remark,

"Shh, Rachel might hear," I laugh a bit harder, I'm not stupid to not see Rachel likes Calum, but it's really none of my business, me and Calum don't go out and his love life doesn't concern me,

"What about you and Michael?, it's love, I can see," I point out, as Maya's smile grows wider at the mention of his name, I wish I had that, but I'm only young, I've got my whole life ahead of me to find 'the one'

"He told me he loved me a few nights ago, I don't think he realised he said it though," she tells me, as her smile fades a bit, "Hey, Michael sure as hell loves you, I think you need to tell him too," I reassure her,

We continue for a couple more minutes until a tall figure makes their way over to us, I smile when I realise it's Ashton,

"Are you both going to be sitting here the whole night or are you going to join you're best friends," Ashton whines, as me and Maya look at each other giggling,

"But I'm with my best friend," I tease Ashton, sticking my tongue out, as he does the same,

"Very funny, now come on, they're playing truth or dare," Ashton groans, walking away, upstairs.

"I guess we better start playing party games" Maya teased, as we make our way upstairs, and into what I think is Rachel's bedroom,

It was pink and purple, and full of fluffy things, it definetly suited her style, I think to myself,

"So glad you guys decided to join" Rachel says, in a sarcastic voice, that only me and Maya caught onto I think, we make our way to the small circle in the middle of the room, I sat down next to Maya and Ashton, I directly opposite Calum, awkward,

It was me, Maya, Ashton, Michael, Calum and Rachel's two girl friends, I recently found out their names were Mindy and Kim,

"I'll start," Maya shouts, of course she does,

"It's fine-" Rachel starts, before she was cut off by Maya again,

Calum, truth or dare?" She asks, completely ignoring Rachel, I feel my heart race slightly, of course Maya would ask Calum first,

"Uh, truth" he says, unsure,

"When and who was your last kiss," Maya smirked, me and Calum immediatly look at each other wide eyed, as I could see him panic, I didn't want everyone to know we kissed, but was he embarrassed to say?, thoughts rush trhough my head as Calum speaks up again,

"Uh, I switch to dare," he laughs nervously,

"Okay, I dare you to answer my question," she grins, looking at me, I swear to god, I'm going to kill that girl,

"Babe, what are you doing?" Michael asks her, looking confused,

"I know, Maya what are you doing, I'll start the questions, it's fine Calum, you don't need to answer," Rachel assures Calum, as I see him look relieved,

"Melissa, truth or dare," she asks, with a smile on her face, I feel nervous at her asking me a question, especially since it's her,

"Truth" I answer, unsurely, taking a deep breath,

"If you could be in a relationship with anyone in this room, who would it be?" She asks, with a wicked smile on her face, she's only asking this to see if I like Calum probably,

"Maya, duh," I answer, high fiving her, as we burst out laughing, and Calum shoots me a small smile,

"Mindy, it's your turn," Rachel asked, rushing her words, sounding like she was looking forward to something, Maya caught onto it too, as we looked at each other straight away, I love this girl, in the short time I've known her, she seems to know every single little thing about be, obviously a few acceptions,

"Rachel, truth or dare," Mindy, asks with the greatest grin on her face,

"Dare" Rachel quickly answered,

"I dare you to kiss someone you like, in this room," Mindy dares, winking as she finished, Calum looked at me wide eyed, he knew what was about to happen, he started to look around the room, not even making an effort to stop what was happening, as Rachel immediatly presses her lips against Calums, 

I feel my heart sink a little, and it hurts. A whole fucking lot, they make out for what seems like forever, as I feel a tear roll down my cheek,

"I'm going outside, I need a little air, I'm too warm," I lied, standing up and walking out the room, before Calum could see me,

I make my way downstairs, looking around to see if I could find Luke, maybe he could take me home, I push past drunken hormonal teenagers, finally reaching the living room, but I see Luke making out with a girl on the couch, pretty heated,

I sigh, as I push my way out the front door, as I let a few tears roll,

What was I thinking, Calum's just a friend, that's all we see each other as, I don't know why I'm acting this way, I mean we only kissed each other once, yeah it was great, but that was my first kiss, I'm meant to say that.

I feel a drop of rain fall, and land on my head. great. I sigh,

I sit on the small bench at the side of the house, I can't leave without a ride or keys to get into the house, I groan in frustration.

Why do I feel so hurt, the person I hate kisses my best friend, is that why?, I have to admit, when I was younger I did have a crush on Calum, a pretty big one, whenever I remember it I smile, because it reminds me of when I was happiest, when my parents were together, and I had my partner in crime by my side.

"Can I join you?" a voice asks, I look up to find Ashton and his cute dimples, his face makes me smile even more,

"Of course," I answer, patting the seat next to me, "That was pretty gross" He laughs, obviously talking about the scene from upstairs,

"Tell me about it," I laugh sarcastically, I look up to find Ashton already looking at me,

"What?" I ask, feeling a blush creep onto my cheeks, that's been happening alot lately, why can't it stop,

*Ashton's POV*

"Did I forget to tell you that you look beautiful tonight?" I ask her, it's true, I haven't seen one girl that looked even a single bit as good as her tonight, and I know the guys couldn't keep their eyes off her in the party,

"No you didn't" she blushes, which makes me smile, I've been thinking about Melissa alot lately, she never sems to be off my mind, and that's never happened to me before,

I see her shiver, and like an instinct I take my jacket off, and immediatly wrap it around her, "Here you go" I smile, looking deep into her eyes, they glistened in the moonlight, and I was drawn to them like they were some sort of drug,

Ashton make the move, I hear my inner voice say, and I didn't hesitate at all to lean forward and press my lips against hers, the rain became heavier and we seperated catching our breaths, in the moment I felt complete,

"Come on, let's go back to mine," I smile, giving her my hand to reach.


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