-ON HOLD- It's Love (Luke Hemmings)

Melissa Stokes, had been best friends with Calum Hood since she was 5, after leaving Sydney when she was 12, leaving Calum without saying goodbye, now returning, now she's 16, will their friendship still be there?


7. Chapter 5

*Calum's POV*

I wake up, opening my eyes, not knowing my surroundings until I remember the events of last night, my arms were still wrapped around the small girl sleeping.

What made her cry that much last night, it was frightening. I swear to God, if this is Ashton's fault.

My stomach starts to rumble, I'm starving.

I take one last look at the sleeping girl, as I quietly get up, and make my way to my own room.

I shove on a pair of jeans, and a random t-shirt, grabbing my phone that was charging,

'I'm baaaaackkk!, me and Maya are coming over with the guys later x -Mikey'

I slip my phone into my pocket, and resume my way downstairs to the kitchen, to make me some breakfast.

"Well, hello there calum," Mali smiled, "Hello?" I answer, what is she up to?

"Don't play dumb, I was about to go into my- no, Melissa's bedroom, to go sleep on the couch, but I seen my brother cuddling up with Melissa," She smiles, is she serious

"She was crying last night," I protest, it's true. I probably wouldn't have stayed if she wasn't, it would have just been a tad awkward, her walking into her room and finding me standing there. I wasn't doing anything, I was going to miss it being Mali's room,

"Do you like her or not," Mali asked, taking a bite from her roll, as I fill mine with bacon,

"What do you mean?" I ask, I'm not stupid, but I just want to make sure.

"Come on, you swore you hated her, and I come in to find you both cuddling up, in my old bed, may I add!" she laughed, it is true, but I don't know.

"Look, Mali. I honestly don't know right now." I sigh, taking a bite of my filled roll, "I'm going to miss you," I add, trying to change the conversation,

"I'll miss you too," Mali says, standing and walking over to give me a hug.

*Skip to Band Practise*

"CAALUUUUMMM" I can hear Michael shout, running to the basement, I laugh to myself, that boy is crazy.

"Michael!" I shout back, as he takes me into a man hug, "How was your holidays?" I wink, Michael had just been on holiday with his girlfriend Maya, he was whipped.

"It was amazing," Michael winks back, taking out his guitar, making sure it's tuned.

"Calum, was Melissa okay last night?" Ashton asks, as him Luke and Maya walk down the stairs, "Melissa?, as in the Melissa" Michael asks, looking surprised,

"I'm confused, I'm going to get food," Maya laughs, walking upstairs, probably to the kitchen.

"Yes, Michael." I answer, "No, so what the hell did you do Ash?" I raised my voice a little,as I walked over to him, so no one couldhear our conversation, he wasn't going to make her cry again, I swear.

"Nothing!, she started crying, about she could have been a better friend, and she should be able to tell her best friend when she's getting shipped off to Scotland," He answered, looking confused, 

It wasn't Ashton that made her feel that way, it was me.

"Hey, should I invite her down?" Ashton asks, "No, leave her," I sigh, I don't know how to explain last night, and I don't know if she knows how to either.

"Calum, she's just moved back, she feels like she has no one, she thinks you hate her for some reason. She needs a friend, and if you wont be it, I will" Ashton says, seriously, walking upstairs.

Well this is just great.


*Melissa's POV*

Last night, feels just like a blur, (AN- Melissa doesn't know Calum came back to Melissa's room)

I'm so thankful, if Calum hadn't been there, I would have went back to the blade.

I sigh and grab my laptop, and scroll through Tumblr for a few hours, trying to forget the events that happened.

"CAALUUUUMMM" I hear a voice shut, must be his friends coming over for band practise, I guess he does take his band seriously.

I get myself up, yawning, and make my way over to the bathroom, I grab a few towels and go for a shower.

"Melissa?" I hear a voice call, Ashton's I think, I wrap a towel around my body and start to panic, I only have a few bracelets on, and if Ashton notices, then I will be completely alone.

I make my way out of the bathroom, as I smile at the curly haired boy, "Hey Ash," I say, walking towards my closet, and grabbing some clothes,

"I didn't realise you were in a shower, sorry" He blushes, he's so cute.

"It's fine, hey, I need to get changed, so, uh," I chuckle slightly, as Ashton nods, and walks out the room.

I put my clothes on, grab a few more bracelets and open the door to let Ashton inside,

"So, what brings you here?" I ask, sitting down on the small couch in my room, he looks around for a place to sit, but decides on taking the small space left next to me on the couch,

"To make sure you're okay," he smiles, looking at me, "Well thank you, but I'm perfectly fine," I lie, I wish.

"Mel, you don't need to lie to me," he frowns, "You can tell me anything, anything at all," he continues, I've only known the boy for a day, I'm not going to tell him every single secret I have.

"Thanks Ashton," I smile, it is nice though, I know I have someone I can confide in, and someone will actually be there for me.

"So, tell me what happened with you and Calum, that seemed to be the reason you ran off crying," he asks, looking deeper in my eyes,

"Well, you know me and Calum were best friends, but, you don't know the reason we stopped talking, you seem to think we lost contact, but it's worse than that," I sigh, as Ashton nods,

"Well, we were 12 at the time, and Calum and me were together at the park, the one we were at yesterday, well it was the night before I was leaving for Scotland, but I still hadn't told Calum, he admitted something to me, it's quite stupid, he was only 12, he doesn't know what it is, but anyway, I couldn't bring myself to tell him, and I had to run away, I ran back home, and I never spoke to him again, until yesterday," I finish, a few tears ecaping, as Ashton put an arm around me,

"He thinks I left him easily, like it didn't hurt me. Those 5 years were the worst of my life." I cry a little harder.

I wipe my eyes trying to calm myself down, as Ashton still hugs me, "Pathetic, aren't I" I laugh slightly,

"Don't you say that Melissa, you're far from it, come on, dry your eyes. You can hang out with us today," Ashton offers, "But Calum's there," I sniff,

"and?, you have me," he smiles, showing his dimples, "Oh, and Michael's girlfriend Maya is here, she's really nice, and I think you both will get on," he says, standing up, giving me his hand to take, as we walk down to the basement.


We walk into the basement, hand in hand, as I feel everyone look at us, I quickly remove my hand from his, as Ashton turns around to look at me, "Everything will be fine," he whispers,

"Michael, Maya, this is Melissa," Ashton smiles, introducing me,

"Hey there girl," the pretty girl Maya says, "I'm Maya, and this is my annoying boyfriend, Michael," She smiles, I laugh a little at her introduction,

"Hey," I smile, "So have you known the boys for long?" she asks, moving the hair out of her face, Maya is stunning, Michael is lucky to have her,

"Well I met Luke and Ashton yesterday, and I've known Calum forever," I say, looking to the ground,

"Well, the boys must like you, so I like you," She laughs, as we walk over to the group, I catch Calum looking at me a few times, while everyone's talking,

"So, what are we up to today?" Luke asks, "I feel like a McDonald," Michael groans, as me and Maya let out a laugh,

"I'll go get one," I offer, as the boys look at me, "You don't drive," Calum says, looking confused,

"Yeah, but I could catch a bus or just walk, it's only about 15 minutes away," I shrug, as everyone decides on their meal,

It took the guys a few minutes to decide what they wanted, they all handed me money to pay for their meal, and continued to talk to one another,

"I'll be back soon," I wave, walking out the house, McDonalds wasn't that far away, so it was no hassle, I grab my phone from my pocket to check the time, its only 3 o'clock, it felt so late in the day,

I hear footsteps coming from behind me, I turn around to see an out of breath Calum catching up with me,

"Damn you walk fast," he says, catching his breath, as I laugh a little, "You didn't need to come, I'm fine walking myself," I smile, this couldn't get any more awkward.

"I wasn't going to let you go yourself," he smiles, it's the first time I've seen him smile, in what?, 5 years. I miss it.

A few moments of silence pass, as we walk down the street, the McDonalds in sight,

"Melissa, I'm-" Calum starts to say, I know he's about to apologise, so I interupt "Calum, no I'm sorry, I'm sorry about the way I acted last night, and the way I left you." I apologise, I turn around to look at Calum already looking at me,

"Those five years were tough on me Melissa" Calum sighs, shoving his hands in his pockets, "You have no idea," I mumble, remembering all the pain and therapy I went through,

"Did you mean what you said that night?" I ask, curiously,

"Did I mean what?" Calum asks, he scrunches his face up trying to remember,

"Doesn't matter," I sigh, obviously he didn't if he can't remember he told me he 'loved me'

"It doe-"

"Calum, oh my god babe, was not expecting to pass by you tonight?" This blonde girl winks, ew, her skirt was near enough up her bum, and her boobs were practically hanging out her shirt,

"Oh, hey Rachel," Calum smiles, as the blonde girl takes Calum into a hug, as her two friends, stand laughing behind her, looking at me.

I guess this must be Calum's girlfriend.

"Who's this lovely girl," she asks, giving me a wicked smile, "This is Melissa, she's an old friend of mine," Calum answers, smiling, as Rachel's eyes trail over my body, I can practically feel her judging me.

"Well we better go, I'll see you tomorrow at my party Calum, Melissa can come too," She winks, walking away with her minions following behind,

"She seems nice," I lie, smiling. I can't tell Calum I don't like his girlfriend.

"Yeah," he sighs, walking into McDonalds.


After we ate our McDonalds Ashton, Luke, Michael and Maya all had to leave, Calum was acting strange ever since we bumped into Rachel, I didn't want to push on the subject, since Calum just started speaking to me again.

"Mali's leaving tonight," I sigh, maybe that's what was bothering Calum, maybe he doesn't want his sister to leave, and I completely understand that, but I still don't think thats the reason.

"Yeah, I'm going to miss her," he admits, changing the tv channel, "I'll miss you too bro," Mali laughs, dragging her suitcase through the living room,.

"When are you leaving," Calum asks her, I could see the tears forming in his eyes, "Now, I've said bye to Mom and Catherine, just you and Melissa now," she smiles, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Please don't leave me," Calum cries into Mali's shoulder, as she gives me a sympathetic stare from behind Calum's back, I left him.

"Hey, don't cry. I'm only going to be a few hours away." Mali laughs, pulling away, to look at Calum, "You have Melissa back, she's going to be there for you, and Calum don't be so blind, it's obvious to me and everyone else, you gotta hurry up and ask before someone else does," Mali says to Calum, pulling him into one last hug, what the hell was she talking about?

"I don't know Mali," Calum sighs, this is getting more confusing by the minute.

"Stop now Cal, I need to go say bye to my near enough, little sister," Mali laughs, as she walks over to give me a hug,

"You too hun, stop being so blind." Mali laughs, dragging her suitcase to the door,

"Well, see you soon," Mali smiles, taking a deep breath as she walks over to her cab, waving goodbye.

"Promise me you won't leave me," Calum asks, looking into my eyes.

"I promise," I answer, as we walk back to the basement, Calum telling me what went on while I was gone.

Maybe things could go back to normal...


AN- Hey guys, I hope you guys like this chapter, it's not one of my best, just getting the story started :), and once again, if you guys think Calum and Melissa will get together that quickly, nuh uh.

Theres still Ashton and there's still complications.

So, Luke needs a girlfriend, and if you guys would be interested, I'll have a sort of competition, I've never done this before, so yeah.

Oh and...


I know it probably isn't that much, but for me it's amazing, and I can't be any happier!!

Once again, comment what you thought, Like and Favourite please, and tell a friend :)

Love you guys, Jamielee xoxo


p.s, who can't wait for the #5ONTHEWALL announcement today?, it's been driving me crazy for so long now, I like this band for the music, I ain't training to become a detective, haha, hopefully it was worth the wait :)

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