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Melissa Stokes, had been best friends with Calum Hood since she was 5, after leaving Sydney when she was 12, leaving Calum without saying goodbye, now returning, now she's 16, will their friendship still be there?


5. Chapter 4

*Melissa's POV*

As we walk into the room, I feel myself growing more anxious, and scared.

I make sure my sleeeves are covering my scars, and I try to look everywhere but Calum's eyes.

"Hey guys, this is Melissa" Mali says, introducing me, to two new faces, a young blonde boy, and a brown haired smiley boy, they look alright.

"Hey Melissa, Calum's told us all about you," The smiley boy says, walking towards me.

What?, Calum has told them about me?, ugh, my head hurts and I don't know what all this means.

"I'm Ashton, and this is Luke" He says, still smiling. thats cute

"Um, Hey Calum," I smile, trying to bring my eyes to meet his. He looks really uncomfortable, and confused. I done this to him, I made him feel this way.

"I think I'll just leave," I say, after a few moments, the tension in the room is high, and I've never felt so uncomfortable.

"Melissa-" Mali groans,

"Just stay." Calum says out of nowhere, I turn around to see the brown eyed boy staring at me. Everyone in the room turns to face him, as he says those words.

"What?" I ask confused,

"You're living here, I can't make you leave," He says, taking a seat and pulling out his phone, "Oh," is all I can say, as I take a seat on a bean bag. Ashton, Luke and Mali are deep in conversations after a few moments, as I sit awkwardly without a phone, and anyone to speak to.

I turn my head to look at Calum, he's grown up. He doesn't look much like the little boy he once was, he seems sad, not happy. He looks kind of broken. Did I do this to him?

"Hey there," the smiley boy Ashton says, kneeling down next to me. "Hey" I reply, turning away from Calum.

"So, you and Calum good friends?" He asks, looking rather curious,

"Used to be," I say, as my smile fades, "What happened?" he asks again, well he's nosey, I laugh to myself.

"Shit happened, but I guess it's for the best," I sigh, standing up, "I think it's better if I just leave, I mean, I interrupted your band practise," I say, it's kinda true, but Calum won't want me here, he'd rather spend time with his friends.

"Why don't I come with you?, I mean, I could show you around, be your little tour guide," Ashton smiles, wow, this guy never does stop smiling. It's kinda cute though.

"Will that be okay with Calum?, I don't want it to start an argument..." I say cautiously, it's the last thing I need right now.

"It's fine," he assures me, "I'll just go grab my coat and we'll leave," he smiled, walking away.


*Calum's POV*

"Just stay," I sigh, as I see Melissa making her way out of the basement.

"What?" She asks, a look of confusion on her face, "You're living here, I can't make you leave," I explain, as I take a seat and pull my phone out from my pocket.

She's only been here for an hour, and she's driving me insane, do I hate her?, do I like her?, do I be her friend?

I can't ignore her forever. She was my bestest friend, but what she done hurt me, and I don't know if I could trust her like that again. I can't have her leave again.

I scroll through my messages, and see one from Rachel, 'Hey there cutie ;) xoxo' 

She's one of those girls who think they're everything, because their Dad's buy them everything, and they're popular. She's been trying to get with me since she found out I was in a band, I hate the girl but she just won't leave me alone, but then again, dating her could make the band more popular. ugh.

'Hey x' I type back, pressing send,

I lift my head to see Melissa talking to Ashton, why is he talking to her?, I feel a pang of jelousy, that she's talking to him, but she's hardly said a few words to me.

They laugh, as they stand up to leave. Where the hell are they going?

Shut up Calum, she broke your heart. You shouldn't care about her.

I take a deep breath, and continue to text Rachel.


*Melissa's POV*

"So where are you taking me Ashton?" I smile, as we walk down the street. It is really warm, I wish I could take off this jumper, but I don't want to risk it.

"You can call me Ash," He insisted, turning to look at me, his dimples were so cute, everything about this boy was cute,

"Well Ash, where are we going?" I say, still looking at him,

"Well Melissa, I was thinking, we could go get a coffee, then we could go sit at the park for a while," He suggests, smiling,

"It's a perfect Idea" I smile back.

After a 10 minute walk, of me trying to keep up with Ashton, damn him and his long ass legs, we get our coffee, and find our way to the nearest kiddie park,

"So, are you glad to be back," Ashton asks, taking a sip from his coffee, "Well, it's nice being back, but I don't feel like I belong." I sigh,

"You obviously belong here though," Ashton says, looking confused,

"Well, I mean, everyone I know has got on with their lives, Look at Calum, he's in a band, probably has a girlfriend, and Mali, I mean, she's leaving tomorrow to go to her new apartment. I have no one." I explain, taking a sip from my warm coffee,

"You have me, Calum, and Luke," he answered, turning around to face me, as I do the same,

"Calum hates me, and you and Luke are his friends." I sigh,

"Doesn't mean we can't be friends," Ashton winks, leaning his head on my shoulder, "Why do you think Calum hates you so much?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Because I was a terrible friend," I confessed, I feel a lump in my throat like I'm about to cry, "What did you do to make you think that?" Ashton asks, there he goes again with his questions.

"That's a story for another day, now let's go," I say, standing up.


*Calum's POV*

'I have a party on Saturday night, you and your friends should come, we need some alone time ;) xoxo'

I shiver at the text, what does she think would happen. Because I definetly wouldn't go there.

"Hey Luke," I shout,

"Whats up Cal," He asks, unplugging his amp, and putting his guitar away,

"Rachel Adams has just invited us to her party tomorrow night," I sigh, (AN- Yes, Rachel McAdams plays Rachel Adams, so original, if someone doesn't understand she's Regina George from Mean Girls XD)

"No way, let's see," Luke laughed, as he took the phone from my hand, "Looks like someone's getting it on tomorrow night," he winks, passing my phone back,

"That's what I don't want," I groan in frustration, "You make no sense Cal, she's the hottest girl in our damn school," Luke argued, it was true, she was, but that didn't make me want her, she didn't have respect for herself, and she just wasn't like... Melissa

"Are we going or not?" Luke asks, sitting down on the bean bag,

"Well, I guess we should, first party of the summer," I smile, cheering up a bit,

"That's more like it, no school in sight for 6 weeks," Luke laughs,

"Where did Ash and Melissa go?" I ask Luke, they've been gone for quite a while now, and Ashton hadn't text or called,

"Uh, I'm not sure" Luke shrugs, "oh,"

"Well, I'm heading home, see you soon Cal Pal," Luke smiles, strapping his guitar onto his back.

"Yeah Bye..." I sigh.


*Ashton's POV*

"Well, I had a great time, did you?" I ask, as we approach the Hood family entrance, today was fun, I didn't think Melissa was this laid back or sweet, or this damn cute.

"Why, yes I did, thank you Ash," She smiles, "No problemo, we need to do this again," I suggest, putting an arm around Melissa, "We sure do," She smiles again, looking up at me,

I don't understand how this girl thinks anyone could hate her, she's kind, she's got an amazing personality.

"So, you said Calum's told you alot about me," she asks, Calum would never shut up about her when we first met, all he would tell us is about all the games they played, how amazing she was, but then it stopped, all of a sudden.

"He told us all about how close you both were, and that you were his best friend" I tell her, I see her face dim slightly,

"Were," She laughs, "Hey, you moved away, alot of people lose contact over time," I reassured her, taking her into a hug,

"Best Friends should be able to tell each other everything, like when they're getting shipped of to Scotland," She cries, as she runs inside.

*Melissa's POV*

I run up to my new bedroom with tears streaming down my face, I open the door to see a figure standing there,

"Melissa?" the tall figure says, shit, it's Calum.

"Please, not now Calum, I just can't do this right now." I cry harder, "What happened, Mel?, you're scaring me" he said, taking a few steps closer,

"It's my fault, I could have stopped it," I wail, falling to the floor, I can't do this right now, thoughts are rushing through my mind.

You shouldn't be here, you're a waste of space.

Calum will always hate you.

He never loved you.

I have a strong urge to harm myself, I can't contain it much longer, I need to get somewhere, "Calum you need to leave," I say, choking on my tears, I need to get to the bathroom.

"I'm not leaving you like this Melissa," he protested, "Ha, that's funny, I left you, but you won't leave me," I say, Melissa, what have you done, he was only trying to help. 

Calum's face dropped as he heard my words, "Mel, stop it." Calum said, looking me in the eye, "Now, dry those eyes," he commanded, "I'll go get your pyjama's, stay here," he said, standing up.

I wiped my eyes, I must look a mess, but why is Calum being there for me?, when was I ever there for him. It's not fair.

"Here you go, now get changed, I'll be back in a minute," 

I quickly pull my jumper over my head and put my t-shirt on, quickly grabbing some bracelets to cover my arms, and removing my trousers, and putting on the shorts Calum gave me.

I stand up to look in the mirror, I look like shit. Atleast Calum won't notice anything, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I make my way over to my bed, and lay on top of it, I crunched myself up into a small ball and shut my eyes, I just want to be gone for a while.


*Calum's POV*

I walk back into the room with my boxers on, seeing Melissa scrunched into a small ball on the bed,

"Mel?" I whisper shout, but there was no reply, she must be sleeping. I quietly make my way over to the bed, and make myself comfortable, as I put an arm around Melissa.

"I'd never leave you" I whisper, before drifting off to sleep.




AN- Hey guys!, I hope you liked this chapter, don't worry, things aren't moving this quick, there's still drama, and Mel and Calum aren't going to get together that easily, and what about Mel and Ashton?, they're quite cute ;)

The summer holidays in Australia are different from the UK, I think the Summer Holidays are in December, so that means Christmas is soon, sorry if it's wrong but I'm just going to go with it XD

comment your ship names for Melissa and Calum and Melissa and Ashton!, and any ideas you have for the story :)

Love you guys :) <3

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