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Melissa Stokes, had been best friends with Calum Hood since she was 5, after leaving Sydney when she was 12, leaving Calum without saying goodbye, now returning, now she's 16, will their friendship still be there?


4. Chapter 3

*Melissa's POV*

"Well hurry up then," My mum says smiling. If only she knew what I had been through, what her and my Dad had put me through, I didn't hate my parents, but putting a 12 year old kid through that, living 5 years without them and they just expect me to leave the other life I had just built to come back to my old one, which was a mess.

I force a small smile, as I lift my case into the hallway, looking around I see the house still looks the same. I still remember me and Calum running through these halls playing prince and princess and hide and seek.

"Calum we're back," Joy shouts, sitting her keys down, and removing her coat.

"Mali, would you mind showing Melissa to her room?" Joy asks, walking into the living room, as Mali grabs my case, and walks upstairs.

"You're staying in my room since I'm leaving tomorrow, but my room is being decorated while I'm away, so I don't recommend unpacking everything." she explains, using her spare hand to open the door and guide me inside.

"Mali, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave Calum" I say, nearly choking on my words, Mali's facial ecpression softens, as she see's the tears gathering in my eyes.

"It shouldn't be me you're apologising to Mel." she says, walking closer, and taking me into a hug.

She's right. I should be apologising to Calum, but how can I?, he doesn't want to speak to me, and even if he listened to me, my apology wouldn't be enough.

"Do you think he'd listen to me?" I ask, wiping my eyes,

"I don't know," she says, truthfully.


*Calum's POV*

"Calum we're back," I hear my mum shout, and my front door closing. I feel my face whiten, as I start to feel sick.

"Dude, are you okay?" Ashton asks, raising an eyebrow. I can't see her, I don't know what to do. Should I be annoyed at her leaving, or should I be fine because it wasn't her choice, it was her parents, but the least she could have done was tell me she was leaving.

"uh, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?, it's only a girl." I reply. not just any girl.

I grab my phone as I make my way to the living room. "Mali's showing her to her room, if you'd like to go say hello" My mum says, as she sits on the couch, switching on the tv.

"I'll pass." I say, sitting down, as Ashton and Luke make their way through the living room, and down to the basement.

"Hey Mrs Hood" they shout.

"Calum, it's been five years. She was 12 at the time, how was she meant to tell you." My mum sternly says, "How was she meant to tell me?, if she had told me I would have been there for her. I would have looked for a different solution rather than shipping her off to Scotland?!" I say, a little louder, Melissa's Mum, Catherine looking at me.

"Look, I'm sorry. You both know it affected me when she left." I say, making my way down to the basement.

It did affect me when Melissa left. I wouldn't speak to anyone, I'd spend everyday in my room crying. I didn't want to make new friends, I wanted my Melissa back, but I never did get her back, not 'till now.

*Melissa's POV*

I finish putting my clothes into Mali's wardrobe, it was empty since Mali was leaving soon. She found an apartment in Sydney nearer her college, and she felt it was time for her to move out.

"Finally, I'm done, ugh" I groan, as I fall onto the bed, and Mali chuckles.

Enjoying the silence, and as I start dozing off, I hear a loud bang of drums, guitars and voices coming from downstairs, as I sit up quickly.

"What the hell is that?" I ask, whoever it was, was good.

"Calum and his band." Mali laughs, as she drags me downstairs.

We make our way into the basement, as my heart races, this is the first time I'm going to see Calum.

"Mali, I can't do this" I whisper, as we stand behind the basement door. "Melissa, you can. You shouldn't be this scared," she says, as she opens the door, and walks inside, me trailing behind her.

how is this going to go...


AN- Well hello there, I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long. But I'm here to stay, comment ideas for this fanfic, and also comment what other stories you would like me to continue and update!!

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