When 18 year old Kinza goes to the beach with her friends, she ends up drowning and is saved by Harry who is a lifeguard. They fall in love with eachother but a month later she meets the boys. She ends up kissing Niall! What will happen next? Will she tell Harry? Most importantly, who does she love?
Btw I update 2-4 times a week! And it won't let me publish anything I have like 4 chapters that I want to publish but it won't let me so like HELP!!


15. What was that?

Niall's P.O.V

As soon as Harry got in his car and left I looked at Kinza. She just kissed me and acted like we're a couple, does she want to be with me or was she just trying to make Harry jealous? I have so many question running in my head and the only person who can give me the answer to them is Kinza.

Uhh Kinza?....

Yeah? She said nervously but pretending like nothing just happend. I got kinda mad because she just said "yeah" after she kissed me and she knows I'm in love with her!

What do you mean "yeah?"!! You just kissed me and you know I have feelings for you!! I said yelling at her. At this point we were in the car driving home. She didn't say anything and just looked down.

Was it just to make Harry jealous or because you like be back?

Niall you know I'm not over Harry! I can't like you back.

We arrived home and we are still sitting in the car.

So you kissed me just to make Harry jealous...

I said in a sad voice. I really didn't want that to be the answer, but it is I feel like crying my eyes out. I opened the car door, opened the house and ran upstairs to my room.

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