When 18 year old Kinza goes to the beach with her friends, she ends up drowning and is saved by Harry who is a lifeguard. They fall in love with eachother but a month later she meets the boys. She ends up kissing Niall! What will happen next? Will she tell Harry? Most importantly, who does she love?
Btw I update 2-4 times a week! And it won't let me publish anything I have like 4 chapters that I want to publish but it won't let me so like HELP!!


4. Our Date!

Okay! So in going on a date! With Harry, the boy that saved my life! Wait.. Why am I talking to my self? You know what! Who cares! I haven't been in a date in a long time, well I have never actually been on a date before. And to be hounest I've never actually kissed anyone! Not on the cheak not on the lips and nobody ever kissed me. The only time someone put their lips in mine was when Harry saved my life. I didn't even know why Harry liked me? Was this a dare? Was he just trying to be nice? Oh shit! It's 5:30! I put on a cute dress and my make up was already done, I put on some cute shoes. (Ding dong!) that was the bell I ran to the door and opened it, it was Harry. Hey! Come in!

Oh thank you!

Do u want anything to eat or drink?

No thank you we should get going

Okay! I left the house and there was a limo in front of my house I looked at Harry in surprise.

When we got to the restraunt we talked and laughed a lot, and I got to know him more but the same question I had earlier came up in my mind. Why did he ask me out?



Um this is a weird question but why did you ask me out? I mean, well I'm so ugly and weird and...

You're Not ugly, your beautiful! And your not weird your perfect! He said after he cut me off and had his sexy smirk on his face again. Then he leaned in to kiss me! I had NEVER kissed anyone before in my life and I was 18 so it was embarrassing! I leaned back because I was really nervous. He opened his eyes and said what's wrong? Umm.. Nothing I.. Just.. I've never kissed anyone before! I said then ran out said and started walking because I was too embaressed to face him after I said that.

KINZA WAIT! He yelled while running towards me

I stopped and he cought up to me.

I want to be your first last kiss! He said then smashed his lips on mine and kissed me roughly. He let go and looked into my eyes and I looked into his we both smiled and he took me home.

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