When 18 year old Kinza goes to the beach with her friends, she ends up drowning and is saved by Harry who is a lifeguard. They fall in love with eachother but a month later she meets the boys. She ends up kissing Niall! What will happen next? Will she tell Harry? Most importantly, who does she love?
Btw I update 2-4 times a week! And it won't let me publish anything I have like 4 chapters that I want to publish but it won't let me so like HELP!!


2. HELP!!

Everyone had left after a while but I decided to stay. I decided to walk in the water and I fell! Apperantly there was a cliff in the water, it looked like it was tree feet deep. I couldn't swim the last thing I saw was someone swimming towards me then I blacked out...

Harry's P.O.V

I was sitting on the bench being bored to death because everyone here knows how to swim and no one was drowning. Which is a good thing in all but it just makes my job as a life guard. I decided to climb off of my high chair and look around for anyone that was In trouble or needed help. Lots of girls started calling me and were flerting with me, I didn't like it when girls did that because they didn't know me and only liked me because of my 8 pack and good looks. Then I saw someone, but it was only finger tips. Then in half a second I realized that the person was drowning. I swam over there and brought her to the surface then to the sand. I looked at her and she was beautiful, she was the most beautiful girl had ever seen before in my whole life. I slowly put her on the sand and did CPR. I kept trying to save her but she wouldn't wake up! I smashed my lips onto hers and breath into her. When finally she woke up and looked at me. She started coughing and I helped her up and took her to a chair. Are you okay? I asked. Umm... Yeah I think so... By the way I'm Harry. I'm Kinza and thank you thank you so much for saving my life then she hugged me. I hugged her back and smilied. Well I have to go home know it was nice meeting you Harry! She said then she waved goodbye and walked to her house which was right in front if the beach. I said goodbye too and she left.

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