When 18 year old Kinza goes to the beach with her friends, she ends up drowning and is saved by Harry who is a lifeguard. They fall in love with eachother but a month later she meets the boys. She ends up kissing Niall! What will happen next? Will she tell Harry? Most importantly, who does she love?
Btw I update 2-4 times a week! And it won't let me publish anything I have like 4 chapters that I want to publish but it won't let me so like HELP!!


7. Harry I'm sorry!

I woke up late like around 1:00 P.M. I saw that Harry wasn't in bed obviously because he wakes up early. I thought about what happend last night, when me an Niall kissed. It was so passionate and I even felt a spark. I really liked him but I loved Harry! I couldn't keep it from Harry this I have to tell him today like right now! I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun. Before I walked down stairs to tell I had no idea how but I just walked downstairs a noticed that everyone was gone and I walked up to Harry who was making breakfast.

Good morning Harry!

Good morning babe!

He leaned in for a kiss but I backed away. I knew I couldn't kiss him him after I kissed his best friend! He had a confused look on his face and I knew I had to make an excuse to why I didn't kiss him back.

Your breath smells horrible! I said while laughing.

Really? I just brushed my teeth!

Well it smells terrible.



Do u remember what happened last night?

Uhh not really i drank too much!

We played spin the bottle...

Oh yeah!

Well I kissed Niall like 3 times...

Yeah and i kissed perrie and sofia like 2 times, wait didnt you kiss Niall only two times?

Yeah well remember when you guys were gone and me and Niall had a food fight and we fell on the floor?

Yeah that was funny!

Well when we fell i fell on top of him and we kissed...

Wait.. WHAT!?

Harry I'm so so sorry! It just happened!

Who kissed who first? He said in a calm yet angry tone.

Niall kissed me...

He ran up stairs and i followed him. He opened the guest bedroom and Niall was in there!

Hey Harry! Niall said

Harry walked in and punched him in the face!

Before he could punch again i ran in and stood in front of Niall.

Kinza go downstairs!

NO! Dont hit him!

Why not?

I took a deep breath and said because i kissed him back...

Harry walked out the room and locked him self in our bedroom.

I ran after him and was banging in the door.

Harry im sorry! Please let me in! You know i love you! And only you please!

Harry opened the door and said the worst thing he could ever say to me.

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