When 18 year old Kinza goes to the beach with her friends, she ends up drowning and is saved by Harry who is a lifeguard. They fall in love with eachother but a month later she meets the boys. She ends up kissing Niall! What will happen next? Will she tell Harry? Most importantly, who does she love?
Btw I update 2-4 times a week! And it won't let me publish anything I have like 4 chapters that I want to publish but it won't let me so like HELP!!


12. Are You Okay?

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up early this morning around 7:30 and went straight to the kitchen downstairs wearing only my boxers. I opened then fridge and saw that there was nothing in there! I almost had a heart attack. I put on some clothes and drove to a donut shop. I got some for me and Kinza. I came back home and took off my clothes, again only wearing boxers.

I walked past Kinza's room to go to the bathroom and heard her crying. I knock on the door and put my face by her door.

Kinza? Are you okay?

Umm..yeah..I'm fine. She said through sobs

Are you sure? Can I come in?

Yeah I'm fine come In.

I walked into her room and saw her trying to wipe her eyes and make it look like she wasn't crying. There were tissues all over the room and she was hugging a pillow. I sat on the bed and and put my arm around her.

Hey whats wrong?

I miss Harry. She said and put her head on my chest and started to cry again.

It's okay I miss Harry too, he was my best friend and he will come back.

I hope so.. Is that donuts? She looked behind me and saw my bag with our donuts in it.

Yup They are for u and me I gave her the donut.

Thank you! She looked inside the bag and said how did u know these are my favorite?

I just guessed. Haha

We ate our donuts then she went to take a shower and so did I. But in desperate bathrooms of course

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