Our Secret

17 year old Lauren Daniels is a famous singer, she's only just coming into the world of fame after moving to Miami a year ago. She is often compared to Ariana Grande (musically wise) she is gorgeous. She has golden brown skin as she loves the sun! Long blonde hair, blue eyes with an hour glass figure. Lauren was born in a city called Bristol in England.

What happens when she goes on tour with 18 year old Austin Mahone and he falls head over heels for her?

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My tour bus for the 2014 Austin Mahone tour arrived outside my house in Miami. I pulled my suit cases into the bus and closed the door, it's going to be a lonely 6weeks as all my friends are busy and i don't even know Austin.

My tour manager Ashleigh and my manager Kim were sat down planning things, i walked to the back of the bus and set my things down in my bedroom/recording studio.

I led on my bunk that was built into the wall of the bus and looked through twitter, i saw Austin had posted a tweet saying

'On the tour bus now! Can't wait to meet the one and only Lauren Daniels! So happy she's opening for me!! Going to be a great 6 weeks'

I read through all the comments and i saw that my friend Isla had commented on it saying

'Yeah 1 hot lad and 1 hot girl touring together nothings going to happen at all...#sarcasm'

I laughed and tweeted a tweet saying

'On the tour bus now!! I forgot where the first show is though #oops :)'

I got a notification, Austin had commented on my tweet saying

'Our first stop is in San Antonio! :) get ready we'll be arriving at the air port soon'

'Thanks, can't wait to meet you x' i replied

'I can't wait to meet you x' Austin commented

'How longs the flight to San Antonio?' I asked

'About 3hours i think x' Austin replied

Kim walked in and said

"Get ready! Were nearly at the air port, Austin's behind us"

"Alright so how come we got a tour bus just to go to an air port?" I asked

"We dunno thats what me and Ash were saying, ok were pulling up now grab your cases and get out and run" replied Kim

I nodded and grabbed my cases, we all got off of the tour bus and ran inside, after checking in me, Kim and Ashleigh all agreed to go to StarBucks. There was paparazzi surrounding us asking about the latest rumour about me dating Justin Bieber, it was false of course!

Austin came over and gave me a friendly hug.

We all chatted and got to know each other for about 2 hours before our flight was called. We got escorted to our plane and we sat down me, Kim and Ashleigh in one row and Austin and his managers in the one in front. 3 girls walked over to me and gave me a hug as i was sat on the end along with Austin.

"You two are super cute" smiled one of the girls

"Well i know i am but i dunno about him" i winked

"Haha your funny, can we have a picture of you two hugging?" Asked the little girl

"Pweaseee" smiled another girl and the littlest one just stood there with her teddy

"Uh why not" Austin said as he reached over and gave me a hug.

I giggled and Austin sat back in his seat, the little girls thanked us before walking away.

We soon began to take off, i put my ear phones in and listened to some music.


Lauren is super sweet and cool. She is so hot as well, i mean she isn't normally my type but she's so like laid back and chilled. I think i have just had love at first sight, she's funny, gorgeous, chilled, cute, sweet everything she's the one i've waited for.

I put my ear phones in and listened to some music as i looked through twitter.

I saw a tweet that had just popped up saying

'I can't wait to see @AustinMahone and @LaurenDaniels in exactly 5 hours!! They have 3 hours on the plane and then 2 hours before they preform!'

I favourited it and carried on looking through the tweets fans have been sending in. I received a text from my mom saying

'Lauren's gorgeous! Stay safe and hydrated love, i love you so much my little munchkin!! I'll come and see you in Houston tomorrow! I'm flying out there tonight xxx'

'I know she is ;) love you to but since when do you call me munchkin?😂 ok see you tomorrow mom xx' i replied

"My moms coming out to see me tomorrow" i said to my manager Dave and my tour manager Lee

"Awh mommy's boy" laughed Dave

I punched him in the arm and he punched me in my leg. We then started a punch war, i was punching him in the leg and he was punching me in the leg, i started to get a dead leg

"Ahh stop now" i laughed

I looked behind me and saw Lauren was asleep, i rested my head back and fell to sleep as well along with Dave and Lee.

*****skipping to at the concert arena******

Lauren sat on stage with her guitar and started to sing her song The One For Me, she has already sung 4 songs so this was her last one. The One For Me is a slow song.

As soon as she came off stage i gave her a friendly hug before going on stage.

After singing about 10 songs i got to my last one, i decided to sing 'You'

"Ok i've been thinking about bringing Lauren on stage but if i bring her on stage she needs some where to sit so Dave can you sort it out please?" I smiled

Lauren shook her head and laughed so i went over and pulled her up, i sat her down and began to sing to her.

***the next day, in the hotel in Houston*****

We were driving from 8pm last night until 11pm, we all had the same hotel room but with different bedrooms. It is now 12am and were only just getting ready to go to sleep, i gave Lauren a hug and we all went to bed.

"Ahhhh" screamed Lauren, i jumped out of bed and ran into her room along with Dave, Lee, Kim and Ashleigh. There was a man on Lauren's balcony asleep.

"It's too late to call security and the doors locked so you either have to sleep in with Austin or sleep in there still" Lee said, Lauren looked at me and i nodded. We all got into bed and Lauren had her back facing my face.

"You ok?" I asked

"Yeah, it's just scary thats all" Lauren replied as she turned to face me but then all of a sudden our lips touched. Lauren pulled away and snuggled down under the blanket. We both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at 8am because of my mom walking in, you couldn't see Lauren because she was basically under the whole duvet asleep.

"AUSTIN" shouted my mom

"Mom calm down i saw you like yesterday and Lauren still asleep" i said

"No i ain't" Lauren sat as she popped her phone out of the blanket

"Oh but anyway mom i saw you yesterday" i smiled

"Alright love i got to talk to Lee a minute so i'll get out of your way a second" my mom said before walking out

Lauren sat up and out her phone on the bed side table, she looked up at me and just as our lips were about to touch Lauren turned her head

"Nuh uh" Lauren smiled

"Your such a teaser" i laughed

Lauren giggled and rested her head on my chest with her hand on my stomach.

My mom walked in so Lauren quickly pulled away from me.

"I saw that" My mom smiledp

"Saw what?" I asked

"You two" my mom replied

"What?" I asked acting clueless

"Whatever" my mom replied before walking back out

Lauren got dressed into black shorts and and a tight black cami vest and walked out into the kitchen/front room.

I got out of bed and followed her out in just my boxers. My mom, Dave, Lee, Kim and Natalie were sat on the sofa on their phones. I saw Lauren was in the small kitchen sat on the kitchen side on her phone.


I was on the phone to my best friend Ellie

"Alright Laur, how are you getting on? Is Austin as fit as he looks on pictures?" Asked Ellie causing me to laugh

"I'm getting on fine and yeah he his, he's super cool" i replied before seeing Austin walk into the kitchen

"Awhhh can i talk to him?" Asked Ellie

"No" i laughed

"Ok, i saw on Ashleigh's twitter that there was a man on your balcony" said Ellie

"Yeah haha i was just there screaming mind" i replied

"do you fancy him?" Asked Ellie

"Fancy who? The old man?" I asked

"No Austin" replied Ellie, Austin must've heard her because he gave me a cheeky smile

"Uh Ellie ring me back in half hour" i replied before hanging up

"Who was that?" Asked Austin

"Just my friend" i replied

"You wanna come down to the breakfast buffet?" Asked Austin

"Yeah, get dressed then" i replied as i got off of the side

Austin put some track suit bottom shorts on and a black and silver vest on with silver shoes. I put my gold and white sneakers on and chucked my hair up into a messy bun

"Alright see you lot in about 20 minutes" Austin said before closing the door behind us

We walked down to the buffet but then there was some 5 girls who i think were Mahomies

"Hey Austin, i'm Britney, she's Emma, she's Georgia, she's Hollie, she's Poppy and she's Natalie" Britney said as she gave me daggers

"Hi guys whats up?" Asked Austin

"Nothing, what are you doing?" Asked Emma

"Me and Lauren are just gonna get some breakfast" Austin replied

"Are you two dating?" Asked Georgia

"No" Austin replied

"Alright we'll let you go" Smiled Hollie

Me and Austin walked away and got some breakfast before sitting down at a table

"So is that old man gone from your balcony" asked Austin

"I dunno, it dont really matter, were off to Grande Prairie tonight" i replied but then my phone began to ring again, it was Ellie. I put her on loud speaker but just so me and Austin could hear

"Lauren seriously answer my question" Ellie said

"What question?" I asked

"Do you fancy Austin?" Asked Ellie, causing me to look at Austin

"Yeah she does" Laughed Austin

"No i don't" i said as i punched him playfully

"Ahhhh is that Austin Mahone" asked Ellie

"Yeah no need to fangirl really" i laughed

"Yeah he's cute" Ellie said

"Alright Els i got to go" i replied before hanging up

*****skipping to the last show of the tour*******

Me and Austin have pranked people, laughed, cried, hugged and kissed. Nobody not even Austin knows how hard i have fallen for him. We arrived back in Miami at the Sterling Heights arena.

I am going to miss Austin so much, were just friends and i think thats all we'll ever be.

As soon as i finished on stage i had tears running down my face, i got off stage and Austin ran on.


All i ever need is Lauren, she's amazing, funny, gorgeous, clever, she's perfect but she doesn't feel the way about me as i feel about her. When we kissed last week it was amazing, she's so perfect but well only ever be friends.

As soon as i got to the last song i decided to sing All I Ever Need.

"Ok beautiful people you all know this is my last gig with Lauren so Lauren get you butt out here" i shouted before the music for all i ever need came on

Lauren sat on the side of the stage and i sung to her, tears ran down her face, i wiped them away with my thumb and stopped singing. The lights went out so you couldn't see anything

"I love you" i whispered into her ear

"I love you to" Lauren smiled.

We walked off of the stage and when we got out to the separate cars to take us home tears ran rapidly down Lauren's face. I lifted her head up with my finger and pressed my lips against hers, paparazzi took video's and pictures along with all the fans.

"I'll text you" i smiled before giving her a hug

Lauren kissed my cheek before getting into her car

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