DOCTOR WHO: The Core Of A Dalek

The Tardis floating through time and space with the Doctor and Clara standing whilst holding onto a railing. Clara looks at the Doctor afraid. She looks a little confused to why the new Doctor has been so different. Differently behaved, and a changed man/alien. The Doctor looks at Clara with a smile that had just risen from his crippled lips. As they stared at each other; looking happy to see each-other. Happy with their so-called safety so far. The Doctor flipped another switch and away they went… (READ MORE AND CONTINUE THE STORY...)


1. CLARA & The Doctor




Previously on…

Doctor Who.

“You were wrong to even think that!”




“You were just a tipsy bit out of your mind there, Doctor.”



The Tardis floating through time and space with the Doctor and Clara standing whilst holding onto a railing. Clara looks at the Doctor afraid. She looks a little confused to why the new Doctor has been so different. Differently behaved, and a changed man/alien. The Doctor looks at Clara with a smile that had just risen from his crippled lips. As they stared at each other; looking happy to see each-other. Happy with their so-called safety so far. The Doctor flipped another switch and away they went…

Crash landing into a wasteland of snowy grounds. Brushes of chunkier snow casted out past the hills and mountains in the distance. The Doctor had a puzzled a face expression whilst Clara looked startled by the impact of the crash. Her eyes focussed on the dark spaces inside the Tardis; her view changing slightly towards the Doctor. For a split second, she thought she knew where she was. And then, the Doctor reminds her where she was with his charming voice. So she had thought.

“Clara. We seem to have landed. Probably just the Tardis wanting to give us some paradise, huh?” He joked.

Clara’s eyes widened. Looking stunned at the Doctor. “W—what?”

“Never-mind. We’ve landed. Want to do the honour?” He smiled at her.

“N- Not really. We’ve just crashed and you seem… okay with it.”

Puzzled with why the Doctor wasn’t afraid of the crash landing. Clara forced a smile towards the Doctor’s indescribable face. He looked at her with ease. She could barely look at him with anything but a smile. His joke hadn’t been that funny, she thought to herself. The sound of strong winds made the Tardis doors open and close several times. The darkness inside the Tardis blocked out half of the Doctors face to Clara’s eyesight. Her face was visible just not her legs. Her legs had descended into more darkness.

“Shush. Clara. Do you hear that?” The Doctor makes another surprise for Clara.

Her eyes widen even more. Looking even more confused than before. “Did I hear what?”

“The sound.” The Doctor placed his left ear against the Tardis wall.

“Yeah… but what sound?” Clara becomes aggravated.

“Shush. And maybe you’ll hear it.” He grunted.

Clara walked into the lighted area in the middle of the Tardis. The Doctor didn’t move from the wall still trying to listen to the sound he had heard. As Clara stepped a step towards the Doctor, he allowed her to pass through. She smiled at him but he didn’t give her anything in return. He was too focused on the sound he had heard.

“Did you hear that, Clara?” The Doctor looks at her with enthusiasm.

“N- Not really. Doctor. I just heard you breathing…” she joked.

“Ha, ha. Yeah. Maybe it’s just my age, huh?”

“Heaven knows, Doctor. Heaven knows.” Clara smirked.

The Doctor heard the strong winds circling the Tardis. He was sure that that wasn’t the sound he heard. Making another swift move towards the Tardis doors. He spins around and pulled out his sonic-screwdriver with ease. Clara still stunned by the Doctor’s actions. The Doctor looks at the top of the door frame and doesn’t think twice before kicking the doors in. Turning on the sonic-screwdriver as he steps out into the freezing cold lands. Clara moves a step forward and looks at the Doctor still shocked with how he is even doing all this. The Doctor she knew before, he wouldn’t have thought that an older Doctor could do this. Be so energetic and her mind finally snapped into place. He was an alien, she reminded herself once again.

“Come out here, Clara. It’s pretty warm, ha, ha. Actually, technically speaking here: It doesn’t feel too cold. You said you wanted to see something magical. So here it is!” His mouth widened as he smiled with happiness.

“No thanks. I didn’t bring my snow-coat… Doctor. Can’t we just go back and speak to that giant dinosaur?”

“Nonsense. You might be surprised, Clara. I have a feeling that the Tardis will kick you out in three… two… one…”

With that, the strong winds had become stronger. The Doctor smiling and feeling impressed with his knowledge. Dragging Clara out of the Tardis happened to be stronger winds from the North lands of the wasteland. Piles and piles of snow rested in place, whilst ice just stayed still and froze across several lakes and oceans. The Tardis finished making its arrival sound and the Doctor knew that the Tardis needed to go invisible. Staying away from any of the inhabitants of the planet they had landed on.

“Doctor? Doctor?” Clara spat out the snow that had piled in her mouth from her fall.

“Yes. What is it, Clara? Wow! Would you look at that?” He looked away from Clara and towards some distant hills.

“I’m down here. Doctor. Can you give me hand? Ump… ouch…” Clara tried to lift herself out of the snow.

Ignoring Clara’s words, he looked down at her and was even more impressed with what was behind her.

“Clara. Look at that nice picture behind you. Did you build that?” The Doctor smiled.

Clara having a dirty mind. She flirted with the Doctor and looked up at him with a smile.

“Yes. I never thought you’d be into that thing. Thanks though.” Clara smirked at the thoughts flowing through her mind.

“Yes. It’s perfectly shaped.” The Doctor nodded.

Clara thinking even more into her own fantasy world. She smiled awkwardly at the Doctor and tried to get his attention. She had never felt so different towards the Doctor. A companion she had been addressed as and someone who needs her. The Doctor moved behind her as she lifted herself out of the snow. Even with such a dirty mind, she still looked at him with disgust. Not happy with how the Doctor had left her to be buried in the snow.

“What is your problem?” She called out.

The Doctor looked at her for a split second and managed to get Clara to look behind her.

“Wow that is magnificent. Your fall made a Snow Angel. Clara, I’m impressed. I think.”

“Doctor. Ahem’, are you even listening to me?” She nudged him.

“Do you mind? You need to speak up a little. I’m wearing earmuffs.” The Doctor revealed some invisible earmuffs.

“Of course. Invisible earmuffs. Why didn’t I see that sooner?”

“B- Because Clara. You need to think more about the things in hindsight. And all that magical fantasy stuff. You need to forget about that too.”

“Aha, and I see you didn’t pay any attention to—“

“Clara…” The Doctor interrupted her.

“…What?” Clara snapped out of her automatic speech.

“Look. Do you see that?” The Doctor pointed towards mist in the distance.

Clara scrunched her eyes, trying to look past the mist. The Doctor placed his left hand around Clara’s neck and gestured her to look towards the corner of the mist. It sounded stupid to Clara. How can you look past the mist and the fog? Thoughts tunnelled into her brain. The Doctor revealed the truth behind the mist. Dark tall buildings, or some kind silhouette that resembled a large structure mostly covered in snow. Clara’s mind snapped again and she realised that it was more of a buried structure.

The Doctor knocked on the invisible Tardis behind Clara’s back. He turned on his Sonic-Screwdriver and scanned the area around the Tardis. Clara stepped back whilst staring at the Doctor’s random actions. She was puzzled to what he was looking for. A thought occurred to ask him what he was trying to detect. Instead, she kept quiet and just watched more snow fall around her.

“Come on… come on… there has to be something! Okay, Clara. Can you give us a hand?”

“…sure. But I don’t understand. What are you looking for, Doctor?”

“It doesn’t matter. Well… okay, maybe it does. I’ve had a crazy thought, Clara. All this snow and all the frozen waters, it just looks a little odd. Don’t you think?”

Clara nodded with slight hesitation. “Um. I guess s—so. It looks a little odd…” she bit her bottom lip.

The Doctor continued to scan the area and soon his enthusiastic attitude kicked in. Standing up quickly and holding his Sonic-screwdriver in the cold air above. A smile grew and he stared at Clara looking really happy with what he had found. His expression soon died and transformed into a more afraid look. Clara was still puzzled, she remembered what the Doctor told her to do. ‘Look past the obvious. Look past the mist. Focus more on what’s behind something.’ That’s what she thought she heard from the Doctor. Really, it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“Clara. What I’m about to tell you. You may just want to—run away. We can both run, yes?” He whispered.

Clara’s body shook from the cold temperatures. “Y- y- yes. I kind of see what you mean…”

“Okay. On the count of three. We run. All this snow. It isn’t exactly snow. Does that make sense, Clara?”

“I- I guess so. Doctor. What is it you are looking for?”

“Just go with what I say, Clara. Trust me.” The Doctor nudged her whilst not moving his feet.

Clara froze in position, worried about what could be so dangerous in snow.

“The snow, Clara. It’s an alien. A living creature, these things… I thought we took care of them.”

“What do you mean, Doctor?” Clara asked. “Wait… is it the snowmen?”

“A snow-riffic abomination, if that’s what you mean. Yes.”

“One… two… three…” The Doctor counted to three in a low toned voice.

Clara moved her left foot slowly in front of the other. The Doctor did the same whilst holding his Sonic-screwdriver towards the snow below his feet. More snow began to fall, light snow and Clara continued to slowly walk towards the structure in the distance.

As the Doctor twitched a little. Clara began to feel more frozen, not enough movement. Her body began to freeze over time. The Doctor stood in-front of her and was soon met with a pool of frozen ice. Unaware to what the level of ice was. Thick ice, thin ice? It wasn’t clear to any of them. Clara suggested that they should find another way round it. But with the snow being an alien of some sort. She took the Doctor’s words to heart. Looking down at the snow below her, she could see right through the ice. It was clearer to her than the Doctor.

“Clara. Don’t panic. Whatever you do, don’t panic. It’s just a bit of ice. Keep telling yourself that.” The Doctor tried to steady his nerves.

“Why are you shaking? I thought you could handle fear…” Clara joked.

“…Okay. I guess I can. But everyone has limits, Clara. Even me. An alien.”

She giggled and pressed against the snowy hills beside her. A crazy thought came to mind. Climbing the hills. That’ll get them past the icy rivers and lakes. She soon realised that the snowy hills would be impossible to climb. The Doctor was the first to step foot on the ice. As he became more aware of the weight the ice could hold. He placed his other foot onto the layer of ice in-front of him. Clara was a little afraid. She was more human after-all. She stood on the ice and tried to calm her nerves.

“Clara. Grab my hand.” The Doctor whispered.

She nodded and reached out for the Doctor’s hand. He grabbed her hand and assisted the Doctor on the pathway towards the snowy hills on the other side. More interested and intrigued with the structure more in sight. The Doctor moved a little more quickly. Clara tried to keep a steady pace but with the Doctor moving faster, she moved the same pace too. Being slightly dragged across the ice. The Doctor stumbled onto the flat surface of frozen water. His hands pressed against the hard ice and his face looks down at the water underneath. Clara slightly behind the Doctor, trying to push herself towards the Doctor’s stumble location.

“Doctor? Doctor? Are you okay?” She reached out towards the Doctor.

“Not really… Clara. Kind of stuck. Just stay where you are. I’ll get out of this.”

Clara trying to ignore the Doctor’s wishes. She still extended her left arm towards the Doctor. Reaching out for him. The Doctor kneeling down on the ice, hearing slight crackles underneath his feet. He was sure that he was going to fall through. Clara crept slowly towards the Doctor and managed to pull him away from the pressured ice. He barely kept balance and tried moving across the ice using his feet as hands. Treading on top of the ice, getting closer towards the end of the icy lake. Where cold land awaited them with a buried unknown structure getting closer and closer.

“Call me crazy, Doctor. But why don’t you just use your Sonic-screwdriver on the ice too?” She giggled.

“Clara. I hope you’re joking. That snow is not a joke, you know? It’s actually something we’ve experienced before.”

“Experienced before?” Clara sighed. “What on Earth do you mean by that?”

“The snow abominations is not all I detected near the Tardis.”

Clara shook her head like a broken robot tilting its tin head; her hands frozen and her body feeling even colder than usual. She stood still staring at the heavy snowfall around her. The Doctor escorted her across the ice and managed to make it back onto safer lands. Using his Sonic-screwdriver, again, he scanned the snow near the structure. Clara didn’t mention anything that she saw when she was frozen in place. The Doctor figured out what was going on. He suggested to Clara that they should check out the structure and Clara had a hunch that it was some old spaceship. The Doctor already knew this and didn’t even bother mentioning it to Clara.

“Doctor? What is that?” She whispered.

“Well, Clara. It’s what you’d expect it to be. Am I right?” He smiled.

“Yeah. I had a hunch that you knew this before me.” Clara looking cross at the Doctor. “Oh and you still haven’t told me why you left me behind… twice!”

“Clara. I told you before. I had to show you. Sorry. I showed you and them back at that deserted ship.”

“Yeah… I guess you did.” She raised an eyebrow.

Crossing her arms and trying not to stay mad at the Doctor. The words from the Eleventh Doctor rang in her ears. They both moved towards the buried spaceship doors. The Doctor used his Sonic-screwdriver on the Tardis doors and they opened with-in minutes. Clara was impressed with the Doctor’s old habits. They both walked inside and on the other side. They were shocked to meet some old foes.

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