I want you

Hi I'm Penelope Weston I'm 18 and in my senior year of high school there's this group of players Harry Liam Louis Niall and Liam and I happen to be their next target i have to be stronger then them but it's so hard they all try to get to me but Harry's the boss in the group and some how happens to always get to me first the other boys get their chances with me but have to be careful they don't want harry to find out


8. I want you #5

Sorry the last chapter got cut off so I'm writing a small part over again 😒

Zayn suddenly grabbed the collar of my coat and pushed me against the brick wall. I dropped my bagged lunch. He smirked. His eyes turned dark and became filled with lust. I was lost in his eyes. He smashed his lips into mine. I tried to push him off because Harry was all that was on my mind. Zayn was way too strong. I tried again but he just pushed me more into the wall. I gave up. I then heard a familiar voice saying,Penelope? Penelope? I pushed zayn off and ran towards the voice. My face was bright red and my eyes were stinging. I felt the tears threatening to come out. Soon I felt a presence behind me. I looked up and saw zayn with a smug smirk on his face. Anger filled my body and toon over the sadness. I was hurt and I just wanted to slap the smirk off of his face. But before I could do anything the bell rang.


Harry motioned me to come with him to class. I told him I would be in soon. I needed some fresh air and some time to my self. I emphasized the alone part do zayn could here. He laughed and walked with Harry inside. I waited until they got inside. I walked to my car and unlocked it. I started it and turned the heat on. I leaned against the wheel and accidentally hit the horn. Soon i saw a teacher walking over to my car. Shit.. She knocked on the window motioning for me to get out. I took out my key and opened the door. I followed her to the office. I passed Harry's class. His eyes were wide when he saw the teacher. She made me sit down in the office. My eyes widened when I saw the principal


Hey my little cupcakes why do you think her eyes widened when she saw the principal--well you'll find out soon there's a huge surprise in the next chapter good night xx

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