I want you

Hi I'm Penelope Weston I'm 18 and in my senior year of high school there's this group of players Harry Liam Louis Niall and Liam and I happen to be their next target i have to be stronger then them but it's so hard they all try to get to me but Harry's the boss in the group and some how happens to always get to me first the other boys get their chances with me but have to be careful they don't want harry to find out


5. I want you #4

Last night was a little interesting I finally accepted that I was in love with Harry,especially after he he apologized. It was refreshing that I didn't have to hide my feelings. Today was the day that he was going to apologize to the boys. He was so nervous,I never saw him like this before. Harry stopped at my house before school so we can go together. I looked up into his worried eyes with my hands on his chest making him look up to me from his fingers. It's going to be ok Harry.i said trying to calm him down. He still looked worried. I gave him a peck on his lips he calmed down a bit. He cupped my cheeks. We pulled apart and got in my car. He nervously tapped his fingers against his legs. I put my hand on top of his stopping his fingers. He continued to look out the window. I didn't say anything. We finally arrived and I parked in the school.we both got out of the car and looked for the boys. We finally spotted them and walked up to them. They all had smirks on their faces still thinking Harry was just playing me. Zayns jaw was clenched and he touched the bruise on his cheek from Harry's punch. I slightly smiled at him he had hurt in his eyes. He quickly took his focus back at Harry. Harry was about to say something but nothing came out. Harry styles was scared..he was SCARED. I clasped his hand with mine and squeezed it. He calmed down. All the boys were surprised. Liam raised his eyebrows looking between me and Harry and then back at our hands. I smiled up at Harry he quickly glanced at me and then back at the boys. He squeezed my hand tighter and started to speak. Well, I'm sorry I've been such a douche bag to you guys, Penelope,he emphasized my name, everyone.he finished. Liam was about to interrupt him but Harry continued. I've been controlling you guys and I've been so rude. I finally realized I have been so crazy about Penelope and I've been in LOVE with her. All the boys eyes quickly widened and zayns jaw clenched tighter. I was a little scared and I didn't want Harry to leave me alone because zayn could do any thing to me when I'm alone. Harry never left the boys eyes and never let go of my hand. Niall smiled big and hugged Harry really tight. Harry was surprised and hugged him back. Louis and Liam also hugged him but zayn stood there with his arms crossed and his jaw clenched. All the boys looked at him. Zayn...I said looking him in the eye. His face softened. He in crossed his arms but his jaw was still clenched. He hugged Harry but quickly removed him self. It was a start. Harry was talking with the boys but zayn was silent trying to hold in his laugh. He finally let out a small laugh but the boys didn't do anything but laugh with him.

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