I want you

Hi I'm Penelope Weston I'm 18 and in my senior year of high school there's this group of players Harry Liam Louis Niall and Liam and I happen to be their next target i have to be stronger then them but it's so hard they all try to get to me but Harry's the boss in the group and some how happens to always get to me first the other boys get their chances with me but have to be careful they don't want harry to find out


3. I want you #3

It was finally the weekend. I wouldn't have to see Harry or any of the boys I wouldn't mind seeing them but I have to be stronger I can't let them break my heart. *dingdong* I got up and opened the door and standing right in front was Niall horan. I can never get a break. hey umm I was wondering if you wanted to go to the park? He said shyly. He was so cute. Sure why not. Umm just watch out for Harry I don't want him to hurt you. Don't worry we'll just go to the pond, it's pretty private. Ok I grabbed my jacket and slipped on my uggs.

We arrived at the pond and sat on the bench. Niall placed his hand on mine. I Quickly pulled my hand off of his. Is Something wrong he asked. No it's just I don't like you like that. Oh ok he said. We'll do you need me to walk you home? No it's fine. Niall walked off and I started to head home when I bumped into zayn. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to his car. I had no Idea what was going to happen. He locked the doors and we drove to the cliff it was pretty dark out and the sky was clear. We looked at the stars and sat on the front of his car. He pushed me frown and smashed his lips on mine. He whispered in my ear I want you. His hot breath on my skin made me want him. He kissed my neck lightly not leaving any marks. I grabbed his hair and kissed him again he smiled. We made out for a while. He tried to take off my shirt but then I remembered I can't do this. I pushed him off. He sighed. I'm sorry it's just I don't want you to break my heart. What makes you think I would do that. Your just like Harry you all are. I tried to get up but he pulled me down. He got on top of me. IM NOT GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART. I tried to push him off but he was too strong. Just then some one pushed him off and punched him. It was Harry. He grabbed me and made sure I was ok. I nodded and he held my hand and we ran. We got in Harry's car and he drove me to his house. We went inside. When we got inside he gave me a hug. He squeezed me so tight.i never expected this from Harry. We hugged for a long time. When we let go I saw that he was crying. Harry what's wrong. He kissed me. I'm so sorry I never want to force you into anything after I saw zayn I realized what a douche bag I was and that I turned them into douche bags too.no Harry you don't realize how hard it was to pretend to not want you. I love you. I love you too Penelope. We kissed. It was weird when he said my name they never call me by my name.

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