I want you

Hi I'm Penelope Weston I'm 18 and in my senior year of high school there's this group of players Harry Liam Louis Niall and Liam and I happen to be their next target i have to be stronger then them but it's so hard they all try to get to me but Harry's the boss in the group and some how happens to always get to me first the other boys get their chances with me but have to be careful they don't want harry to find out


2. I want you #2

I woke up the next day and got ready for school I left my hair down to cover my neck from Harry's kiss. I got in my car and drove to school. I pulled into the school and parked. I went straight to my locker and grabbed my books. Liam came up to me all the other boys skipped I stayed so it's just me and you. He pulled me outside and took me to the side of the school he put his hands on my cheeks and it's as if something took over his body like jealously of Harry. He smashed his lips against mine. He moved his hands on my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. We kissed again. We stopped kissing he smiled and the bell rang he went to class but I stayed out there. I put my head in my hands. What did I just do I'm supposed to be stronger but I let him just take over my body. I hope Harry doesn't find out. I skipped the school day and drove to the caffeine bean coffee shop. It's mid winter here and i could use a coffee. I drank it and wrote in my note book I just write all my thoughts in it and clear my mind. Soon Harry and Louis walked in. Harry smirked when he saw me like a dirty evil smirk. It was kinda hot. I put my note book in my bag. Harry sat next to me and Louis sat across. I could tell Louis was undressing me in his mind. Harry "accidentally" spilled coffee on me. He took me to the bathroom and locked the door he took off my shirt. I just let him control me. He sucked my neck and smashed his lips against my lips I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer he pushed me against the wall. His tongue was in my mouth. It was perfect I didn't care anymore i just wanted him. My hands ran through his hair. His hands rubbed against my back. It was the best moment of my life. He gave me chills and I felt sparks. He stopped kissing me and unattached him self i didn't want him to but it was good he stopped I would've fell in love with him. He gave me my shirt and I put it back on. We walked out and Louis was making out with a waitress. I rolled my eyes. Harry ordered another drink and I grabbed my bag and drove home. I can't believe I let him do that. I'm so mad at my self.

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