I want you

Hi I'm Penelope Weston I'm 18 and in my senior year of high school there's this group of players Harry Liam Louis Niall and Liam and I happen to be their next target i have to be stronger then them but it's so hard they all try to get to me but Harry's the boss in the group and some how happens to always get to me first the other boys get their chances with me but have to be careful they don't want harry to find out


1. I want you #1

I walked into class and sat in my usual seat all the way in the back. Harry gave me the usual cheeky smile that I always ignored. Its so hard to but I know he bad for me he's just a player. I sat down and watched as Liam Louis Niall and zayn all sat around Harry talking about me and other girls their going to play next. Harry acted like he owned me and if any other boy came near me he would hurt them.it actually scared me. I would love to be his girlfriend but just the fact that he dates so many other girls and breaks their hearts bothers me. Harry doesn't know about it but zayn took me behind the school yesterday and pinned up against the brick wall and whispered I want you in my war and then left. He made sure he left no trace of him self except his scent that's sits in my mind and his raspy deep voice that replays in my mind. If Harry found out about it he would kill zayn and I wouldn't want him to do that. Niall is the only one that isn't a player he just lies to them but he only ever had one girlfriend but he broke up with her because of Harry.its sad that he has to lie. Class was boring and in every class Harry and his friends would just talk about me. Mostly Harry because the other boys could only listen. When Harry looked away zayn looked at me and smirked. I blushed and quickly looked away. *skipschool* I quickly grabbed my books but not quick enough. Liam was walking up to me but Harry beat him to it. He pushed me against the lockers. He hot breath against my skin gave me chills. He whispered in my ear I want you. He kissed my neck and walked off. He left me speechless. Liam looked disappointed but he followed Harry anyway. I quickly grabbed my books and walked off I got in my car and drove home. They really know how to get a girl. But I know I have to be stronger they will just break my heart.

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