Sequel of Raising Harry.

This is my Sequel of Raising Harry. It will explain a hidden truth behind the last chapter as well. enjoy


4. Years after.

Chapter 4. Years after.


~Five years later~


Harry smiled, he had watched Teddy playing on the swings they had in the backward. He stroked Draco’s hand there was on his shoulder, while Padfoot ran a bit around in the garden.

“Harry! Look at me! Look at how high I can swing!” Teddy’s laughter and voice called out, he looked so happy while he went higher up in the air.

“Careful now!” Draco called out, he smiled a bit, as he rested his head against Harry’s.

“Your godson is something special, he really have taken a like in you since the first time he saw you.” Draco whispered in Harry’s ear, Harry had chuckle. He looked at Draco with a soft smile, his hand ran over Draco’s cheek before he pressed a soft kiss at Draco’s jaw.

“But he likes you more, uncle Dragon.” Harry teased, it was the way Teddy always told Draco was.

“We should get home soon, at least it was a lovely meal you made today Draco.” Remus said, he smiled at the two of them before his eyes went over to Padfoot who stopped the swing lightly by grabbing it the swing softly with his mouth.

“But I want to stay, no fair.” Teddy pout, as Sirius had turned to human again and grabbed Teddy from the swing.

“It’s late little man, you also need to get some sleep when we get home.” Sirius said, he had hugged Teddy close to his chest, as he were walking up to the others.

“You can always come tomorrow Teddy, if not then we will visit you soon.” Harry said, he had stood from his seat and smiled at Teddy.

“Do I get a hug goodbye?” He asked him, he hold his arms out for Teddy. Teddy had wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck, while Sirius had handed him over.

“Maybe Har-y want to see my new room? Please?” Teddy asked, he had made that innocent smile up at Harry, as he had held back again.

“Of course I do love to see that, but we shall wait until I visit you.” Harry said, he pressed a soft kiss at Teddy’s blue hair.

“You sleep well Teddy, don’t let your parents be up late either, alright?” Harry asked, he pressed another soft kiss at Teddy’s forehead, before he held Teddy back again to Sirius.

“I will call you tomorrow, Harry. Teddy needs a babysitter too, so I hope you two don’t mind.” Remus said, he had smiled a bit as Sirius had rocked Teddy a bit in his arms.

“Not at all, see you later.” Harry said, he had hugged Remus around his waist where he felt Sirius hold one arm around his shoulders.

“See you later lad.” Sirius said with a soft smile, he stepped back, grabbed Remus hand before they all three apparated away.

Harry felt arms around his waist, Draco hugged him close and kissed Harry at his neck.

“Soo, now that they are gone for today. Got any plans?” Draco whispered in Harry’s ear, he smiled a bit as he felt Harry shivering a bit.

“The plans you might have in mind, Dragon.” Harry teased, he rested his head back against Draco’s shoulder.

“Been a long time we have done something, beside, your memory block should be gone by now. When was the last time you had mixed memories? Other than three or four years ago?” Draco asked him, he hold Harry closer to him, he placed a soft kiss at Harry’s neck.

The raven haired male groaned a bit, he turned his head and looked into the stormy grey eyes.

“True, but yet you can’t keep your hands off me. Am I your thing to keep? Or your thing to play with?” Harry asked him, he closed his eyes as he rested his forehead against Draco’s cheek.

“You are yourself Harry, I can just try to wish you for a night or two.” Draco whispered, he turned his head and kissed Harry at his forehead.

“This might be the best thing ever, the thing being with you I mean.” Harry said, he lifted his hand and placed it on Draco’s cheek. A soft smile appeared at Harry’s lips, while he looked at Draco.

The small shining ring made a glint by the setting sun, Harry looked back over his shoulder. He could see the sun over a few trees.

He just wrapped his arms around Draco’s neck, they stayed there with each other. Watching the sunset over the trees.

Since two years ago, they had moved away from the city and into the nature.

A perfect home for Harry and Draco, a place they could be in peace from their past.

“You know I love you right, Harry?” Draco asked, he swayed a bit with his beloved as he looked at the sun slowly getting down behind the trees.

“I know that, I love you too, my dear husband” Harry whispered, he smiled a bit as he nuzzled his head under Draco’s chin.

“Stop grow, I feel so small when you hold me like this.” The raven haired male said with a chuckle, he just let out a soft breathe.

“Better grow up than grow down, right?” Draco teased, he rested his head on top at Harry’s.

They held hands as they saw the last sunlight vanish between the twins, the two rings where almost touching each other by their hold.

Tomorrow they would visit Teddy, Tomorrow Harry had a plan he haven’t told Draco about, nor his godparents.

Tomorrow, would be the day he would visit the Graveyard.

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