Sequel of Raising Harry.

This is my Sequel of Raising Harry. It will explain a hidden truth behind the last chapter as well. enjoy


5. The Graveyard.

Chapter 5. The Graveyard.


They had almost just made Teddy asleep in his bed, Harry had been humming a soft tone as he had stroked Teddy’s blue hair so softly. He smiled a bit, seeing his own godson smiling in his sleep.

Harry slowly stood, he turned on the little light at Teddy’s nightstand. At least a small thing, so Teddy wouldn’t be afraid of the dark.

Harry left the room, he let the door be a few inches opened. He let out a soft sigh, before he walked down at the stairs.

“Of course, I’m sure it will be perfect. I believe Harry would like that too, even though, I need to ask him first you know.” Draco’s voice spoke out, Harry had hardly reached the door to the kitchen as he stood and listen.

“It would be a perfect thing for him, at least for his memories too. You said, he at times had nightmares right?” Sirius’ voice were the next he heard.  Was they already talking about him? Even behind his back?

“Last night he had, I asked if he was alright, but you know Harry.” Draco said, it was there Harry slowly got down and into the kitchen.

“He is asleep now, you should see his face when he falls asleep.” Harry said, as he chuckled a bit. Act like he have heard nothing from them, even though his eyes showed so.

“You heard, didn’t you?” Draco asked, his face went to a soft expression as he looked at Harry.

“Yes, but it matters not.” Harry said while his hand made a wave as if it were nothing.

“Shall we get going, Draco?” Harry asked, he held his hand out for his beloved husband.

“Of course, yet you haven’t spoken about where to. Secrets?” Draco asked, he smiled a bit as he grabbed Harry’s hand.

“We still have a party going on Friday, right?” Sirius asked, he smiled a bit at the two of them.

“Who can forget that? All of Teddy’s friends will be here too, I will see you Friday. Say hey to moony from me, will you Padfoot?” Harry asked with a smile, he looked at his godfather nodding. With that, he held Draco to him and apparated away from his godparents house.


~The Graveyard~


Draco looked at Harry, while he had walked passed a few graves. The blondes’ hands had been in his pockets, as he had been looking around a few tombstones.

He didn’t recognize the place, nor was it a place he had been before.

“Harry? What place is this, other than a graveyard?” Draco asked, he looked at Harry who still walked in front at him, even with a bouquet of roses in his hand.

Yet, Harry didn’t spoke a word. He continued to walk, as he looked at the names on the tomb stones.  He stopped soon after by a tomb stone there was farther away from any other, it was standing alone. Looking like it had been abused, a lot of cracks and filthy words were written with paint over it.

“Respectless…” Harry mumbled, he held his wand out and waved it over the tomb stone. It got cleaned, even the cracks were gone and healed on it too.

“Harry?” Draco asked, he had stepped near and looked at the tomb stone. His eyes wide, that name. Why would Harry even visit that person?!

“W-What are y-you doing, why are you-“

Harry held a hand up to make sure Draco understood he should be silence, his emerald eyes looked into Draco’s grey stormy ones.

“Because no one knew him as I did, he might have done things that looks horrible. Even he were under a dark spell, a madness potion if I shall correct myself.” Harry explained calmly.

He turned back again where he looked at the grave, reading the few letters there was on it.

Tom Marvolo Riddle.
Born: 1926.
Died: 1998.

There was not even a few memorable words, nothing at all.

Harry knelt to the grave, he sat the roses on top at it, as his emerald eyes looked at the words.

“Why Harry?” Draco whispered, he haven’t dared to get near the grave, almost as if he thought it would curse him.

“Because he was a better man than Dumbledore ever were. I know I said that aloud, but that’s the truth too.” Harry explained, he slowly stood again and held his hand out for Draco.

“I want to tell it, but I don’t want you to be afraid of the grave.” He said, his eyes looked soften while he tried to comfort Draco a bit.

It took Draco a few seconds to make the argument in his head, if he should let Harry explain or not. In the end he sighed, his hand reached to Harry’s and took it gently.

Harry pulled Draco to his side, where he slowly wrapped his arms around Draco and hugged him close.

“Tom was acting under a madness potion, I found some memories he had locked away in a cabinet. True memories, some there wasn’t mixed with the madness.” Harry explained, his eyes were on the grave while he felt Draco’s head rested on his shoulder.

“When he was 10, Albus Dumbledore visit him the first time. Tom never had friends, no one ever loved him by the orphanage he grew up at.” He explained, Harry then let out a soft breath while he closed his eyes.

“Tom were sick too, the woman who ‘took care’ of Tom. Said that he had less than a year to live in, so of course why shouldn’t Dumbledore take adventure of that?” He mumbled. “He gave Tom a bottle, telling it was a cure to his sickness. It was there the madness potion were in, it made two personal sides at Tom. One evil, the other good. However, the evil one took over and locked the good one away. Destroyed the good one by making his Horcruxe’s. That’s why he ended up evil, not because of what we know about him.” He said, before he looked at Draco.

“At times, when I was around Tom. I could see some of the good in him, I could see the real Tom behind those evil eyes. I tried to reach out for him, but he was very hard to get a hold on him.” He said, before he bent his head a bit.

“I sound crazy, don’t I?” He mumbled after a few minutes.

Draco had looked at Harry, he smiled a bit while he let out a small chuckle. His hand got on Harry’s cheek, slowly making his husband look at him.

“I believe what you are telling, so no, I do not found you crazy at all.” He said, before he leaned closer to Harry and kissed him softly at his lips.

“So what are you planning now?” Draco asked, he rested his head at Harry’s shoulder again. Holding him closer to Harry’s body, he didn’t like that Harry should feel sad, nor think anything were his fault.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco, he rested his head against his husbands’ as his eyes were fixed on the grave.

“I wanted to show him my last respect, at least let him know I don’t blame him for what he did. I don’t want you to blame him either, because it wasn’t him. Think about it too, the time where I was Raven. I killed people too, even though my good side had a peak out once and while.” Harry whispered, he closed his eyes and let his head rest closer to Draco’s.

“I won’t blame him then, I will blame whoever there could use a child like that. That means, it shall be Dumbledore I need to blame.” Draco said, he lifted his head and looked into Harry’s eyes.

“You miss him, don’t you?” He asked, his hand gently brushed at Harry’s cheek.

“A bit.” Harry whispered in a admitting voice. “He was somehow, the only one who understood me back then. However, I tried to reach out for the good side of him. It was just-“

“Don’t,” Draco whispered, he rested his forehead against Harry’s.

“Don’t speak about the past Harry, it’s in the past and let it stay there.” Draco whispered, he kissed Harry at his noise before he held back again.

“If you are done, shall we get home?” Draco asked him, his smile so softly that Harry couldn’t handle but smile as well.

“Of course, we also have a bit of a surprise to do for Moony and Padfoot.” Harry said with a chuckle.

He held Draco’s hand, with the last look at the grave and a whispering voice of that Tom should take care wherever he was, Harry apparated with Draco and went home.

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