Sequel of Raising Harry.

This is my Sequel of Raising Harry. It will explain a hidden truth behind the last chapter as well. enjoy


2. Surprise?

Chapter 2. Surprise?


Draco ran a soft hand over Harry’s arm, they had been in the same bed since Harry denied sleeping alone, he was scared over the memory block spell would return to him.

The blonde healer had watched Harry being asleep, the soft and peaceful face Harry had. It was…priceless if Draco needed to tell that. He placed a soft kiss at Harry’s shoulder, his hand keep stroking Harry’s arm to calm him down in his sleep.

He remembered the first few nights, Harry were out of control when he should sleep. He had nightmares, flashbacks of killing innocent people. However, Draco had been there to hold him, calm him down and make him fall asleep again.

It had taken so long time, he had stopped counting the years by now. However, he were certain that it was less than 8 years.

He thought that he had gotten closer to Harry, more than friends if he needed to tell it himself.

Draco rested his cheek against Harry’s shoulder, his hand kept stroking small smooth circles at Harry’s arm.

Their first night together, oh well he wouldn’t call it like that. More like, a drunk Harry when he got home from work. He spit out all what he had kept up, Draco never thought the alcohol would had worked on the raven haired male. Sadly, it did and it weren’t a pretty sight at first.

Draco were heartbroken to hear what Harry had spoken about, but on the other side, Harry told the truth about his feelings toward him.

Harry had always admired Draco, since the Yule Ball when they had went together, it was….sad and yet lovely to hear that Harry’s memory about that evening weren’t lost at all.

Could it had been that, which kept Harry sane all the time? His memory of a good friend, if not an old crush?

Harry sighed, he rested his head more into Harry’s neck. He pressed a soft feathery kiss against Harry’s soft and smooth skin.

He couldn’t sleep, Draco just felt restless at some reason. He always had a feeling that this moment would break, he and Harry had maybe stayed together for less than 8 years by now. That didn’t mean that Draco couldn’t have his thoughts, any moment Harry could have a flashback, around a bad time and he do blame himself a lot.

He remembered when he had gotten home very late, he couldn’t find Harry anywhere. That was until he found a pond of blood outside the bathroom’s door, the horror had been in his eyes that night.

The thought made Draco tighten his grab around Harry, he denied to lose him.

You could call Draco selfish, but would it really be that if he just wanted Harry happy and good again?

Draco were drawn back again from this thoughts, he heard the front door knocking. Who could that be this late at night? He thought, as he slowly got out from bed. He got a robe around him, before he went downstairs and turned on the light.

The blonde got to the front door, he unlocked it and opened it slightly. The sight made his eyes wide a bit, Remus and Sirius stood outside, their new with them too.

“Mr. Lupins, what can I help with this late at night?” he asked, as he opened the door a bit more.

“Don’t start on that talk Draco, we are on first names remember.” Sirius said, as he hold his new son in his arms, little Teddy didn’t look to well, he was all pale and coughing a bit bad against Sirius’ shoulder.

“Oh merlin, is he alright?” Draco asked worried, as he looked at little Teddy coughing again.

“That’s why we came, he have been coughing the last past hours. We don’t know what it is, can you help us?” Sirius asked, he had gotten inside with Remus, as Draco had held the door wider for them.

“Of course, come inside. In the kitchen, I be back in a moment.” Draco said, as he closed the door behind them and locked it. He looked at Remus and Sirius getting in the kitchen, it was Draco’s chance to get upstairs and get his healers bag. Also to tell Harry that he might should be quite, unless he wanted to- oh wait too late.

“HARRY?!” Sirius had said out loud in shock.

“Damit….” Draco mumbled, this was maybe the start for a bad night? 

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