Sequel of Raising Harry.

This is my Sequel of Raising Harry. It will explain a hidden truth behind the last chapter as well. enjoy


7. Stuck with the insane

Chapter 7. Stuck with the insane


Harry slowly got to himself again, he felt a bit numb in his body. Maybe it was because of the sleeping drug, which had been forced upon his mouth and nose to make him asleep.

He groaned a bit, his head pounding slightly.

“Wakey Wakey Harry.” A voice called above him, Harry managed to open his emerald eyes. He stared right up into a pair of blood red eyes, they were too familiar to even have a guess on who it was.

“Tom…” Harry spoke his name, his voice being a bit raspy.

“Long time no seen, Harry.” Tom said, as he leaned a bit down to him. Only so he rested his chin on top at his hand, as he lied on his stomach in front at Harry.

“It’s been a long time, haven’t it?” Harry asked, he didn’t dare move because Tom were this close to him.

“It’s been a long time indeed, Harry.” Tom said, as he smiled down at him. “Husband and godson, never thought you do get that in your life. How is life until now, Harry?”  Tom asked him, as he held his hand on Harry’s forehead.

Tom stroked a few locks of hair out from Harry’s eyes, just so he could get a better view into those emerald eyes.

“It’s…great. Wait how can you-“

“Be alive? Easy, you thought you destroyed all my Horcruxes? You forgot one, a thing I simply didn’t mention for you.” Tom answered, as he leaned down to Harry’s ear.

“It wasn’t a Horcruxs, but a memory there brought me back again.” He whispered, as he leaned a bit above Harry’s head again.

“You cannot kill a memory, Harry. Unless you make them forget, that’s the thing you did wrong. You killed The Dark Lord, but you never got rift of his memory.” He whispered, as he ran his hand through Harry’s hair.

“But I a nothing alike myself, or past self if I should say that.” He told him, as he rested his forehead against Harry’s.

“You feel it?” Tom whispered.

“Feel…what?” Harry asked slightly confused.

“Exactly.” Tom mumbled, as he leaned back and looked into Harry’s eyes.

“Our connection is gone, it means you are free and so am I.” Tom explained, as he cocked his head aside and looked at Harry for a while.

“So even though we aren’t connected more, you choose to kidnap me and talk with me as if nothing never happened in the past?” Harry asked him, he could feel how his body started to react a bit more, it wasn’t as numb as it had been before.

“Yep, but I wouldn’t call it ‘kidnapping you’ I asked two guys if they could take you here. Because you too would be insane. “Tom said with a chuckled, as he leaned down to Harry’s ear.

“Just. Like. Me.” He whispered

“W-What are you talking about?” Harry asked, as he stared at Tom for a while.

He started to see what really was around him by now, the whole room were white, even Tom’s clothes he wore looked like a clothes from even a hospital or a…

“Don’t tell me I’m at a-“

“Mental Hospital? Oh yes, you are and so am I.” Tom whispered, he giggled a bit over Harry’s reaction.

“They can’t just put me in here! That’s not even-“

“Oh but they can, as soon they get a bit of information from your past. St. Mungo’s is working with this Mental Hospital, your files were sent here after I spoke to them about a certain ‘Harry Potter’ so now, here you are, Harry. The nice men brought you here, just so you could be ‘healthy’ soon.” Tom explained, as he chuckled a bit.

“I got a family, they will know wha-“

“Nope, you are wrong again.” Tom almost sing sang to Harry.

“Doing to your staying here, St.Mungo’s people has spoken to your family and already got permission for them to keep you here. I cannot tell they got forced to sign the papers, but you are stuck here, Harry.” Tom explained with a low voice.

“Oh, guess who your roomie is!” Tom said with an exitet voice.

“Don’t tell me…” Harry mumbled, as he fold his arms this time.

“Oh come on, Harry! You can just admit it, you are just as insane as I am. That’s why we always were meant to be around each other, all because of one person.” Tom said, as he held his hands at Harry’s shoulders.

“Dumbledore?” Harry asked, his voice being lower than a whispering voice.

“Correct as always, Harry.” Tom mumbled, as he rested his head down beside Harry’s.

“You are lucky you get to share room with me, because the others aren’t very pleasant to be around.” He whispered against Harry’s ear.

“Oh? What pray tell, are they cable to do?” Harry asked, he turned his head just a little so he could look proper at Tom.

“Everything, I wouldn’t be alone in the showers around here. They can be oh so brutal, even brutally than I ever had been.” He said, as he ran his hand along Harry’s cheek.

“You said you are married, yet you do not make a movement to get away when I touch you. You missed me, didn’t you?” Tom asked him, as he smirked a bit at Harry.

“I will get out from here, Tom.” Harry told him, as he only had let Tom touch him like that. However, he also know that Tom was like this because of Dumbledore.

“I don’t think you will, St. Mungos made sure that no wizard or witch could apparated out from this place, even not use a very high level skill magic. Trust me, I tried.” Tom exclaimed, as he leaned up against the bed again and looked down at Harry’s face again.

“You tried?” Harry asked, his arms being fold against his chest as he didn’t move.

“Yep, even thought they would let me out to show this ‘Harry Potter’ since they needed you in here. You could become a big ‘danger’ if you got one of your ‘triggers’ “Tom explained to him

“I assume that my family or friends cannot visit me?” Harry asked, as he slowly managed to sit up in the bed. His body still felt a bit tired, but he just needed to work on his muscles.

“Not for the first one or two years, it depends on how you are doing.” Tom said, as he sat against the headboard this time. His eyes always watched Harry, somehow, he could tell that Harry were his now. Malfoy should have stayed away, sadly he couldn’t be to any help now.

That made Tom smile a bit, because he know it was true now. Harry wouldn’t be able to get out, he wouldn’t be able to get contact with any of his family.

Tom sat with his legs a bit up, his knees almost touched his chest while he rested his arms on the top of his knees. He stared at Harry, curiousness took a bit over him.

“What are you thinking, Harry?” Tom asked, his head being cocked slightly aside.

“My family, how are they supposed to handle this?”  Harry asked, his voice being low and helpless by now.

“They do be fine, I mean it’s not like they always need you around, Harry. They are adults after all an-“

“And I got a godson who needs me, he isn’t used to that I cannot come to him whenever he gets scared.” Harry interrupt Tom this time.

“He will get used to it, remember Harry.” Tom said, as he had looked ahead for him. He almost spaced out, but when he spoke his voice were slow and low.

“We have always been alone, because it’s what we always had.” 

Harry looked at Tom right after, the way he spaced out that was always the thing he know that Tom would be softer at.

When harry were about to speak, the sound of the door nearby getting unlocked were heard.

A doctor got inside, he had a few papers in his hand, as he looked at the two on the bed.

“I see you got a new friend T-“

“Tom Riddle…..Hi.” Tom said, as he suddenly had been out from his spacing time and looked at the Doctor.

“I got yes, that’s the Harry I spoke about. I’m glad we made such a great deal about letting him be around me, he keeps me sane enough after all.” Tom explained, as he had pulled Harry fast over to him.

Harry let a yelp escape his lips, the fast pulling was unexpected even the way Tom hugged him near his chest.

“I see, remember Tom that you shall be nice. If we see damage on him, he will be taken away from this room and settled with a new roommate, is that understood?” The doctor asked him, as he fold the papers again.

“It’s understood and buried deep in my mind, Doctor.” Tom said, as he kept his arms around Harry’s waist.

“Good, the dinner will be here soon. Try and eat it this time, Tom. There is no need to starve yourself, special not when your little friend is here too.” The doctor said, as he turned out from the room and closed it behind him.

“I keep you sane?” Harry asked, as he looked back at Tom. “The hell is that for a talk? ‘He keeps me sane’ I never kept you sane!” Harry half snapped, he suddenly let out a small whine by the grab Tom made on his hip.

“Don’t talk back to me like that, Harry. You know I hate when people talk back, but yes you keep me sane.” Tom whispered, as he rested his chin on Harry’s shoulder.

“How about a little game? I got a few board games, chess is one of them.” Tom mumbled, as he slowly let go at Harry again.

“Why me?” Harry whispered, when Tom had been off the bed and over to one of the cupboards there had been in the room.

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