Sequel of Raising Harry.

This is my Sequel of Raising Harry. It will explain a hidden truth behind the last chapter as well. enjoy


3. Heart Talk.

Chapter 3.


It had been a shock for Harry that night, he just wanted a glass of milk and suddenly his godparents were there.

Remus had needed to hold Sirius back, not that Sirius tried to hurt Harry or hit him. Not because that Sirius wanted to hurt Draco either, it was simply because Remus know the one thing about Sirius.

He hug the life out of people, special after this stunt Harry and Draco had made. To know that their godson had been alive, even after second death. That’s more of a pain than Harry could set them through, of course Remus were happy. Harry was here, Harry was safe and in good hands.

The one thing which he hated, is that Harry and special Draco had kept this as a secret.

Draco had taken Teddy into the living room, mostly because he needed peace to check on him.

In the kitchen though, Harry were sitting on a chair in front at Remus and Sirius. They looked at him with soft faces, even though Harry could tell they had been in pain too.

“We just want to know why, is it too much to ask for, Harry?” Sirius asked him, his hand had reached out for Harry’s, however, Harry had held his hand away and placed it down in his lap.

“I couldn’t live with myself, not knowing my right memories. It was all mixed up, first I think I was in Remus arms, then it changed that….you know…” Harry mumbled, he had looked a bit down while he rubbed his arm.

“He…hold me instead, that’s what the memory block made sure of. Replaced each of you with him, I wouldn’t like to live on a lie.”  He mumbled, his gaze kept being on the table, he didn’t dare look his godparents in the eyes.

“So the potion in your hand…” Sirius mumbled.

“Sleeping Death, Draco woke me up when no one was around and replaced my body with something else in the coffin. That’s what he told me at least, I don’t know if it’s true or not.” Harry mumbled.

“Harry, you do know that we would have he-“

“I know you both wanted to help, but don’t you see? I didn’t wanted you to help, I didn’t wanted any of you to suffer more over things there should happen to me.” Harry said, this time he couldn’t handle the tears escaping his eyes.

“Oh Harry, “Sirius said, he had stood from his chair and walked around the table. He took his godson into his arms, hugging him like old days and ran a hand through his hair. He hushed him lightly, he felt Harry’s hands clung onto his shirt.

A small smile appeared on Sirius’ lips, he knew that was Harry, his Harry, their godson.

“Don’t even think you are a burden for us, we love you just as much as we always have done. No matter how you changed, or how you didn’t change. You are still Harry, that doesn’t change for me or Moony.” Sirius whispered, he had rested his head on top at Harry’s, rocking them lightly while he heard Harry’s silent sobs.

Remus had been at Harry’s other side, his hand placed comforting on Harry’s shoulder.

“Inside, you are still our son, even though we are your godparents. We raised you and we love you just the same, nothing change at all Harry.” Remus said, he had leaned down and hold around his godson along with Sirius.

Harry hold his hands at both Sirius and Remus’ shirt, almost like his five year old self clinging onto them.

Maybe they could live again together? 

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