Sequel of Raising Harry.

This is my Sequel of Raising Harry. It will explain a hidden truth behind the last chapter as well. enjoy


6. A dead surprise.

Chapter 6. A dead surprise.


Remus hushed Teddy in his arms, his boy had been crying because a boggart had been hiding inside the closet of Teddy’s room. That thing had scared Teddy for life, he wasn’t even to calm down again

Teddy kept crying into Remus’ shoulder, he clung his arms around Remus neck and denied to let go at him.

“It’s alright Teddy boy, dad got you. Padfoot is chasing that bad thing away.” Remus whispered, he pressed a kiss at Teddy’s forehead and rocked him back and forth.

He looked over at the fireplace after a time, seeing that it turned green. Finally, that must be Harry and Draco.

Doing the time, he had called them and asked if they could come over. Teddy’s boggart were not even a funny one, it was horrible to see what Teddy feared.

Harry and Draco soon went out from the fireplace, Harry’s face was filled with concern as he looked at his godson.

“Oh little Teddy man, don’t cry.” Harry said, as he had been over at Remus side.

“Why is he crying so hard, Moony?” Harry asked, he held Teddy over to him when Remus held him over.

“A boggart in his closet, horrible for him.” Remus explained, he had stroked Teddy’s blue hair a bit, trying to calm him down while Harry hold him.

Harry could feel how Teddy clung him closer, he cried into his shoulder.

“Shhh Teddy man, I’m here with you. Nothing can harm you now, special not that bad boggart.” Harry whispered, he slowly knelt down to the floor and made it so Teddy stood on his feet.

“Shh..” He whispered, Harry then held his hands at Teddy’s cheeks he cupped them softly and stroked the tears away from Teddy’s cheeks.

“Remember when you had that nightmare, Teddy?” Harry asked, he felt how Teddy nodded a bit. His small sobs were still loud enough even for Sirius up the stairs to hear.

Harry held his hand in front at Teddy, he smiled softly at him while he said. “Close your eyes, that’s good.” He whispered.

“Explore your mind, Teddy. Do you have the happy memory?” Harry asked, he felt Teddy made a nodding at his hand again.

“Allow it to fill your up, then lose yourself with it.” Harry whispered, he didn’t know that Remus and Draco looked strangely at him.

“Then speak incantation, Expecto Patronum.” Harry whispered, he held his hand down at Teddy’s shoulder. He felt how Teddy took a deep breath, his eyes still closed while he breathed out the words so soft and sweet.

“Expecto Patronum.”

“Do it again, feel how it makes a relief in your mind? Keep the happy memory with you, don’t lose it.” Harry whispered, he could feel Teddy calmed more down.

“Expecto Patronum.” Teddy said again, this time he opened his eyes again. Harry had brush his hand gently against Teddy’s cheek, while he smiled ever so kindly at his godson.

“That’s right, feeling better again?” Harry asked, he felt Teddy hugged his arms around his neck where he nodded.

Harry lifted Teddy, he hugged him close while he rocked a bit with him. “That’s my good Teddy, so good to listen.” Harry said with a chuckle, he had looked at Remus and Draco. He frowned a bit, while they looked at him on the same strange way as before.

“Let’s get my little man in bed, our bed instead of his own.” Sirius said from behind, he had been over at Harry and patted his shoulder, before he got Teddy in his arms.

“Night Harry, night Draco.” Teddy said, he had waved at them both while Sirius walked out with Teddy.

“Harry…” Remus said, his voice low and question.

“The day where you and Sirius were out, I should look after Teddy, remember?” Harry asked, he held his hand at his arm while he rubbed it a bit.

“He got scared for the dark, so I tried to help him a bit.” Harry explained. He looked at Remus again, his hand still on his arm.

“I remember when you were at Hogwarts, the Dementors who accidently got to the castle. I was so scared for them, I couldn’t even sleep for nights knowing they do be out there.” Harry explained, his voice getting lower.

“I wanted to learn the Patronus, I might managed to make it. However, your words always were the ones there calmed me. I didn’t needed the Patronus charm, I just needed to remember what I just told Teddy.” He explained, Harry then let out a soft sigh.

“To let a happy memory fill your mind up, let it go and just speak the words. It made me calm, at least for the time I believed it myself.” He whispered.

Harry felt Draco’s hand being on his shoulder, he leaned a bit against Draco while he looked at Remus.

“It is only you, who could do such thing to calm Teddy down, Harry.” Remus said softly, he smiled a bit while he got near Harry.

“I can only thank you for remembering that, I almost forgot about that time.” Remus said, he hugged Harry close to him where he let Harry know he was proud of him.

“It’s the best thing I know to calm down at, it might sound ridicules, but it worked right?” Harry asked, he rested his head against Remus shoulder while he smiled a bit.

“It sure did, I think Padfoot and I should learn to use it too.” Remus whispered, he slowly held back again, where he held his hand at Harry’s cheek.

“I’m sorry that I called your both this late at night, but I knew that Teddy wouldn’t calm down before he saw you, Harry.” Remus told him, he ran his hand through Harry’s hair where he let go at him again.

“How come?” Harry asked, his head cocked aside as he felt Draco’s arms getting around him.

“Teddy’s boggart, it was your body covert with blood and cuts. I don’t know where he have that from, but I know it isn’t normal for a six year old boy to know of.” Remus explained.

“True, it isn’t normal. But he is calm now, I’m sure Padfoot makes him sleep well now.”  Harry said, he had smiled a bit at Remus before he looked at Draco.

“We should get home too, it’s still 3 in the night.” Draco mumbled, he pressed a soft kiss at Harry’s neck before he slowly let go at him again.

“We should, night Moony I will come here in some hours.” Harry promised, he got with Draco back again to the fireplace so they could get home.


~ A few days later ~

Harry walked up at the street, a few shopping bags in his hand while he hold a phone at his ear with his other hand.

“I’m certain yes, I just need to get by my parents’ house with a few things, and then I do be there.” He said to the phone, while he turned a corner.

Harry stopped, he looked along the street on a man standing and starring back at him. Harry lowered his phone, his eyes were fixed on the man who stared at him.

A small smile appeared at the man’s face, while the soft black hair covert for one of his red eyes.

It couldn’t be…

“Tom…” Harry whispered, he saw that the person walked away and vanished behind a few people.

How could he…

He knew he shot Tom in the head with an arrow, he knew that Tom was dead.

How cou-

An arm got around Harry’s waist, a cloth where head to his mouth. He inhaled something there made him sleepy, he tried to struggle, but slowly his body gave up on him and he fell into a sleep.

Darkness took over him, but he could think about who there did it and what the reason was.

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