Billy-The Untold Story.

This is a story from Billy's point of view-before, during and after my other story, Dreaming Of You. Enjoy.


3. Chapter Two.

Billy is seven.

        Why did you leave us Daddy? Why did you go and never come back? Mummy cries all the time, when she thinks I can't hear. We love you. You love us, don't you? Mummy says it has been a month since you left. I waited for you on my birthday, and you never came. Why not? Even Gramps came, and he doesn't usually come down, as he says it's too much bother-he can just send my present in the post, and give me a call on the phone to wish me a happy birthday. 

        Do you know what I wished for when I blew out the candles? That you would come back. You still haven't. I miss you Daddy, and so does Mummy. Please come back, and never, ever go. I don't want to be the man of the house any more. It's too much hard work, and I don't want to go into the garden any more without you there, because it doesn't feel safe, and I keep seeing the swing and you lying underneath it. It hurts too much. I've started wetting the bed again, and Mummy keeps getting really mad at me. That's when I start to cry, because it's not my fault, it's yours, but Mummy won't believe me, and then I feel really horrible inside, and then Mummy says sorry, and hugs me, but I don't her to be sorry. Sorry hasn't brought you back, has it? Everyone's parents at school stares at me in the playground, and most of them pat me on the head. It doesn't feel nice.

        I don't believe in birthday wishes any more. They don't come true, do they? I still love you Daddy, even if you don't ever come back, but I don't love wishes any more.



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