Dreaming Of You *Competition Version*

Lowley House is said to be haunted. Haunted by a cursed dead girl. Her name is Anna Lowley, and she can kill with a touch. So when a group of adolescents arrive in Lowley House to stay, Anna plans to kill them...kill them all... Follow the story of the protagonists, two teenagers named Ryder and Nirvana, as they try to save themselves-and help put Anna to rest...


5. The Truth.


"Ryder, I told you. Nothing happened. You were drunk I was...not as drunk as you, but I remembered what happened, ok? We just fell asleep." It's what I've had to keep telling Ryder for the past two weeks now, and I was getting sick of it. Sure, it had been funny at the time, but him keep on going on about it-it made me slightly more mad the more he kept on asking.

        Flicking through the old diary I had found in the aged drawer in my room, I tried to find the page I had been on last. The writing was like a young child's, big and sprawled out all over the page. It was neat, though. Apparently, the diary belonged to the previous owners oldest daughter, Anna. She constantly wrote about her doll, Buttons, and how Buttons would always answer when she talked to her. It was worrying how much Anna talked about Buttons, as she was only a year older than me when she wrote the diary.

        That was kind of the reason why I chose this place, because I did some research about the Lowley family, and apparently the eldest child, Anna, had gone mad and hanged her family after a dream, which she saw her parents and two younger siblings getting tortured. The thing that got me more intrigued about the story was that they were all announced dead before Anna had hung them, which got me more interested.

        It was just a coincidence that the Lowley House was on sale at the same time I was doing research and all of us were looking for somewhere to move to. I just hope that Anna ended her life peacefully, and with closure.


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