Dreaming Of You *Competition Version*

Lowley House is said to be haunted. Haunted by a cursed dead girl. Her name is Anna Lowley, and she can kill with a touch. So when a group of adolescents arrive in Lowley House to stay, Anna plans to kill them...kill them all... Follow the story of the protagonists, two teenagers named Ryder and Nirvana, as they try to save themselves-and help put Anna to rest...


2. The New Arrivals.


        "Crap! Guys, come on, we'd better get going, we're gonna be late!" I glanced at the time on my phone. It read just a bit after half-eight in the morning. "If everyone's here, let's go!" Everybody groaned tiredly, and we all dragged our lazy butts out of the house to the cars. They surrounded each car they were going to ride in, along with the various bags and suitcases they had managed to bring.

        "Ryder! Wait up, you forgot the dog!" Nirvana was the last to file out of the house, managing to lock the door behind her, with the bags filling up her arms and my Basenji obediently  trotting along after. "Nirvana, let me take those, and get in the front of the truck with Beejee. I'll shove them in the back with Trills and the rest of them." 

        Nirvana grinned, and laughed, both filled with nervousness and excitement. "Ryder, this is it! We're gonna be free! All of us! I'm so excited!" I knew-and I'm pretty sure everyone else did too-how she felt. There were about thirty of us, and we were all going to move out of our parents homes into an amazing, enormous house, that could probably fit about three times more of us. The house came cheap, too, only fifty quid for each of us.

        I shook my head at her over-enthusiasm as I unlocked my pick up truck and dumped our bags in the centre of the hot, metal back. "Trill, Trawl, get in, you bastards." Trill and Trawl I had only met last year, when we were all seventeen. They knocked fists with mine, as I hooked up the back again.

       Once everyone had climbed into the cars, filtered with the early morning sun, it was already nine. At last, we were off. Off to Lowley House to make a fresh start.

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