Dreaming Of You *Competition Version*

Lowley House is said to be haunted. Haunted by a cursed dead girl. Her name is Anna Lowley, and she can kill with a touch. So when a group of adolescents arrive in Lowley House to stay, Anna plans to kill them...kill them all... Follow the story of the protagonists, two teenagers named Ryder and Nirvana, as they try to save themselves-and help put Anna to rest...


18. The Fight.


        Nirvana had reached the stop of the stairs, when she simply wasn't there any more. No warning, no nothing. She simply disappeared from sight into the dark corridor. "Nirvana? Where'd you go?" Billy called out cautiously, stepping half in, half out of the light glowing from the stairs. When no answer came, we both stepped up the steps to get a better look.

        "Nerve? Where'd you go?" I turned a full circle, expecting her, or Anna, to jump out. It felt a little like a horror game, every creaking noise setting my heart a little faster, my mind a little more hyper and alert. "Billy, I don't like this..." I said in a hushed tone. Raising a finger to his lips, he pointed to a place behind me.

        "Turn around, very, very quietly." I did as he said, expecting a contorted face, or someone hanging to be there. It wasn't. It was a girl, her back facing us, looking at something unknown. Her raven hair was nearly invisible, the blue dress, red ribbon, pale limbs, and her height the only things she was allowing us to see. The girl turned, and started to walk down the stairs in the gap between Billy and I.

      "Follow," she said abruptly, carrying on her journey. I glanced at Billy. Shrugging our shoulders, we did as she asked. She led us into the living room, where the fire was now burning, the candles and chandelier now alight. The girl stood there, drooping, looked slightly to her right, and raised her arm to the corner of the room. Fading away, she reappeared next to the fire, looking angry and eyes ablaze with pure hatred. "Buttons. They killed Buttons! Buttons! Parents killed my Buttons! Buttons got angry...He gave me a dream. A dream! That dream...You! You are going to hurt them! So I killed them...Buttons gave me special powers from a witch! You all need to die! I'll do it Buttons-I'll do it for you." She was shrieking by the last sentence. All we could do was gawk as the light went out with a pop!

        "Shit! Ryder, come on! We need to go, she's gonna kill us! Come on man, jeez!" Snapping out my reverie, I forgot about Nirvana as I ran like hell out of that room. Beejee was barking like crazy from the garden, so we sprinted to get out the back door.

        Halfway down the garden (I wasn't entirely sure what we were trying to achieve, we'd just ran past the truck), with the dog going crazy, someone shouted "Anna! Leave them alone!" It had come from one of the balconies that overlooked the green grass. Nirvana shouted again. "Anna! I've got Buttons! Come and get me!" What the hell was she thinking? Waving something small, Nirvana took a step backwards into the adjoining room, hurriedly closing the door.

        Risking a look at Anna, she was no longer behind us. Instead she had somehow climbed to the balcony and was screeching and kicking at the glass. "Shit." Puffing, I managed to get a spurt of adrenaline and pump my legs back to the truck. Thankfully the window was rolled down so I could reach in and get my phone. Crouching down, I realised how much I needed to pee. Not exactly the best feeling in the world when there was a girl capable of killing me just a few feet above me. Dialling the number with slightly trembling hands, I took a deep breath while Billy crouched next to me and peered over the truck bed to stare at Anna.

        "Hello, this is the Thistle residence-"

        "I know, I know! It's me, Ryder-yes, yes, you've not heard from me in-oh, just shut up! You know the favour? Well, yea, I kind of need it. Like, right now. You know the doll you keep? Buttons. Yes, it's the rag doll one. Fine, I'll pay it. Bring it over to me, and hurry!"

        Billy was giving me a strange look. "What? I know someone, and I think I know what that girl wants, ok?" He just looked at me, disbelief mixed with amusement and terror. My blood was pounding through my veins, my bladder ready for bursting. Everything was quiet, too quiet. I wanted to do something, so I started to stand and creep toward the house, but a firm grip on my arm stopped me. 

        "Dude, don't go in there. I know you and Nirvana have been friends since you were like pretty much born, but don't. She asked me to tell you." Now it was my turn to look at Billy in disbelief and amusement. Suddenly, a loud crash! and glass raining down on us from above made us duck for cover, and my bladder empty.

        "What the hell!" Billy shouted. But I couldn't hear it over the roaring in my ears. My eyesight started to fade, and I blacked out.

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