Dreaming Of You *Competition Version*

Lowley House is said to be haunted. Haunted by a cursed dead girl. Her name is Anna Lowley, and she can kill with a touch. So when a group of adolescents arrive in Lowley House to stay, Anna plans to kill them...kill them all... Follow the story of the protagonists, two teenagers named Ryder and Nirvana, as they try to save themselves-and help put Anna to rest...


8. The Argument.


        "Billy, look, I told you...He freaked, and then blacked out!...I don't know why he freaked!...Oh right, sure, I would have every reason to tell him about that right now! Just...Hurry up, ok? Thanks."

        Sighing, I hung up and turned to look at Ryder's unconscious, slumped form on the floor of my room. "What are we going to do with you Ryder..." There came screaming from by the window. I tried to ignore her, but I couldn't-every second of screaming set my hairs on end. At last, I snapped. "What do you want from me Anna?! You nearly damned killed him! I'm trying my best to help you, but I can't do anything if you start nearly killing my friends! Go away!" The screaming faded away, and Anna melted away in the soft sunlight  that trickled through the transparent glass of the window.

        Rubbing a hand over my face, I knew I should have a shower before anyone else made a surprise knock on my door. Glancing back at Ryder, I stepped into the adjoining en suite bathroom, and stripped, to stand under the hot spray of the shower.


        "What should we do with him, Billy? We can't exactly leave him here-can we?"

        "No. We can't. We have to move him to his room across the hallway."

        "Ok. So...Arm each?"


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