Red Girl

Maria gets everything she wants. The popular girl in school. So when she is dared to visit her mysterious neighbour, the one everyone calls "The red girl". Maria can't resist the challenge. Just why does her parents not want her to visit her neighbour, what is the secret that is not yet been discovered.


1. Prologue

The night sky was black and alone, except a lone figure mysteriously drifting away in the darkness. The yellow glow of the lamps disappeared as she walked past them. A long black cloak masking away her clothes, and her hair, except for a few strands of red hair in her face. Her lips curl in a smile, as she watches her victim walk in utter silence. She had been watching him for weeks now. Sam Cahill. That was his name. He was quite handsome for a human, with dark brown hair slicked back with gel, and precious dark blue eyes. He was very tall, must be near six feet, a couple of inches taller than her, but that wouldn't be a problem. She chose her victims well. They would have to be strong and courageous. As she kept following him, she watched him turn his head like he had felt his.presence. He smiled at her, assuming she was a defenceless woman just walking in the dark, and guessed she would be as dangerous as a pet rabbit. She strided faster, until she was just behind him.

"Excuse me. I'm lost. Might you know where River lane is?" She mumbled in a sweet voice.

"Of course. I live there too. I'll show you where to go." He replied confidently.

Oh stupid human, she thought to herself. This guy was so stupid, he didn't even ask her why she was going there. She knee he lived there, after all she had seen him going to home, and even seen his family. A stern burly looking father, a timid petite looking mother, and a chubby loud mouthed sister. As she watched him, let her walk in front of him, standing protectivly beside her. Oh the male ego she thought, assuming a women would be defenceless to a men. Maybe a normal woman, but she wasn't one. As she watched him beside her, a grave feeling of loneliness crept on her. She had been lonely her whole life, maybe some company would be needed.

"You're very quiet, aren't you?" Sam said.

"A little." She mumbled.

"That's cute. I'm Sam." He introduced, shoving his strong hand to her.

She felt his strong hands in her petite ones, and smiled. He would be a good partner, she thought.

She suddenly, pushed him into a dark alley, knowing there would be no one watching, and even if there was. There would be nothing anybody else could do. She watched Sam stumble then look at her confused.

"I'm sorry." She said apologetically.

"It's fine." He replied, smiling.

She grabbed him tightly, and kissed him hard. She found him resisting, but there was nothing he could do. She suck his pure human soul, and then sank her teeth in his veins. She watched him stop resisiting, and watched him drop on the ground like a corpse. But he wasn't one. She carried him away in the darkness, knowing he would wake up in a few days changed. Turned to what she was. A part of her felt sorry knowing she had took someone, and blessed this curse on Jim. But then she knee, that they were just humans. Humans had took her whole world from her, and turned her into a monster. It was their fault. All theirs, she thought. A part of her watched a man stare at her, but before he could scream. She cursed under her breath, and knew be wouldn't scream ever again.

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