Sick of Missing You

Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire, is your first childhood friend after your move to England. Read about accounts of your friendship with the famous YouTuber throughout the years.


2. Secondary

     After eight years of friendship with Dan, you were nearly spending every moment together. Only time you weren't with each other were in your classes. You had just begun Year 11, Dan was Year 13.

     "Hey, did you get your homework done last night?" You flipped through the papers in your hand and struggled to carry your books with you, too.

     "Of course not," Dan answered. He took one of your books from you and added it to his pile as you both walked.

     "Alright, you'll have to help me in study hall, because I'm still only subpar when it comes to French."

     "You'd think after a year of French, you'd at least have a grasp of conjugating verbs."

     "It's not my fault that I'm not good at paying attention." 

     "I don't know, your notes would say otherwise, with all those doodles, and whatnot." Dan smiled as you playfully bumped into his arm.

     "Shut up," you laughed, "I'll see you in a few hours for my homework help." You began to start down the opposite hallway, but Dan stopped you to hand you your book he was carrying.  You awkwardly laughed, "Thank you," and you continued to your class.

     The school bell rang, jolting you up from your daydreaming in class. 'Finally, it's time to go home,' you thought to yourself.  You slowly pulled yourself out of the chair and quickly walked to your locker.  Since it was Friday, and you were tuned out for most of the day, you just piled most of your books into your school bag since you couldn't remember which classes you had homework in, and you were too lazy to bother checking.  You swung your heavy backpack over your shoulder and started over to make your way to Dan's locker.

     He was talking to a girl from his class, so you slowed your pace, hoping he'd finish his conversation soon.  They said their good-bye's and you continued your way up to Dan.

     "Hey, what's up?" Dan closed his locker and turned to face you.

     "I don't know if I told you already, but I got a new Mario Kart game that I'm going to force you to play at some point, so do you wanna get it over with and come over to my place tonight?"

     Dan began walking with you out of the school building and towards his car.  "Sure, I'm not doing anything and I haven't had the chance to kick your ass in a new video game lately."

     "Don't be so sure of yourself.  I live for nintendo games and will stop at nothing to win," You responded while ducking your head to get into the passenger side of Dan's car.

     "Is that a challenge?" 

     "It was a challenge when I bought the game," you smirked, followed by a laugh from both of you.  You leaned forward and turned on the radio, leaned back in your seat, chatting with Dan until you both arrived at your house.

     "Do you want me to just hang out now?"

     "Yeah," you heaved your backpack out from the car and pulled out the house key, "What's the point of driving home, just to come back an hour later."

     "That's what I was thinking.  You got any snacks inside?"  You both walked through the door and tossed your backpacks on the floor.

     "No, our house hasn't had food for three years.  The last time I ate dinner was two months ago." You rolled your eyes and smiled.  "Nah, do you want pizza rolls, 'cause they're sounding pretty good right now."  You opened the fridge as Dan went to turn on the wii in your living room.

     "Sure, they sound pretty good to me, too, right now."

     You popped the pizza rolls into the microwave and plopped down onto the floor next to Dan.  He handed you a wii remote and you started the game.

      "Who're you gonna play as?" Dan asked as he picked his character.

     "Probably Bowser." You scrolled through the characters and eventually just went back to Bowser, like you said.  "Alright, you ready to lose?"

     "You're on."

     After two hours of gaming, the door unlocked and your mom walked in.

     "Hello," she yelled as she slid off her shoes.

     "Hey," both of you answered.  Your mom could tell that neither of you were paying attention to her, so she walked into the room with you and Dan.

     "How are you kids?" She ruffled your hair, followed by Dan's.

     You paused the game and both of you fixed your hair real quick. "We're good, Mom.  How was work?" You resumed your game play.

     Your mother picked up the plate off the floor that once held the pizza rolls and stood up to walk to the kitchen.  "It was good, thank you, sweetie."  She put the plate in the sink and got out the ingredients for your dinner tonight.

     "Ugh!  I swear, you're cheating.  There's no way you could win four times in a row playing clean." You threw down your wii remote and lightly punched Dan repeatedly in the arm.  He laughed.

     "No, I swear, I'm just better than you at this game." You made an exaggerated angry face in response.

     "Are you staying for dinner, Dan?" Your mom spoke over your arguing.

     "No, but thank you.  My parents are actually expecting me home soon, so I should be going."  Dan stood up and started towards the door.  "Thank you for having me over tonight." Dan slid on his shoes.

     You opened the door for Dan, "See ya, dude.  Call me tomorrow or something.  I'm free all weekend."

     "Sure.  Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Dan waved and you closed the door behind him.  You walked back into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

     Your mom stopped chopping vegetables, "Hey, when your father gets home, we have something we need to tell you, sweetheart.  I think it's best if we're both here." 


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