Behind the Scenes


1. The Concert

"Gran this is so amazing!" I squeal as I wait in front of the stadium doors with my grandmother, aka Gran.

Gran laughed and gave me a side hug. "I know sweetheart. Why do you think I bought these tickets for us

My Gran is an amazing woman. She took me in when I was 6 after my parents died in a flash flood. She took care of me and gave me everything I needed to be happy. She knew how much I loved one direction so she bought floor seat tickets for us online right next to the stage. I have never been more excited in my 17 years.

I was wearing white vans, cut-off jean shorts, and a one direction t-shirt. My auburn colored hair put up in a sloppy bun. Gran had on a one direction t-shirt too, and I know she put it on just for me. She had messy shoulder length grey hair, a wrinkly but beautiful face with big blue eyes, and a very contagious smile.

I should also mention that this is New Orleans, Louisiana at the end of June. It's hot as hell and there's way too many people crowding the streets; well more than usual. Some are just tourists, some live here, and some are just here for the concert. Gran and I are from Bon Temps which is a small town only a couple hours from New Orleans. Here, all you can hear are screaming girls and Cajun accents, and all you can smell is jambalaya. And that's not a bad thing at all.

They finally opened the doors and Gran and I went to find our seats and waited for the concert to begin. Finally the house lights went down and the stage lights came on. Everyone stood up and screamed, including me. Since I was right next to the stage, I reached up and both Niall AND Harry touched my hand. I actually almost cried.

"Honey, I'm gonna run to the restroom," Gran yelled in my ear. I looked at her and smiled and nodded. The concert went on and a half hour passed. Gran still wasn't back and I was starting to worry.

I decided to go to the bathroom to check on her. I was out of the main part of the stadium and was in the hallway which was 100% empty. I reached the bathroom and opened the door. The lights were off and I slipped on something, but caught myself on the door frame. I felt around for the light switch and flipped it on.

I froze. I felt like I was gonna vomit. A puddle of blood is what I had slipped on. A puddle of Gran's blood. She was laying in her blood with slashes all over her body. Blood was spewed all over the walls. I could feel the tears streaming down my face, but I didn't move and I didn't make and noise.

The last stall door flew open and my eyes snapped up. A man in all black and a black mask came rushing towards me. I tried moving out of the way, but he grabbed my hair and pulled me over to the first sink and lifted me up onto it. I screamed bloody murder, and then his hands were around my neck, squeezing hard.

One of the security guards must have heard me scream because a big man in a security uniform busted open the bathroom door and pulled his gun. He was distracted for maybe 5 seconds by Gran's dead body, but that was 5 seconds enough for the man to run out the window at the other end of the bathroom.

The guard ran over to me. "Do you know this woman?" He asked gently, putting his hands on my shoulders.

"She's my Gran," I chocked out, and then started to sob. I was still sitting on the sink and the guard picked me up and took me out of the bathroom.

On our way to wherever he was taking me, I passed out from my constant sobbing. My head throbbed, then everything went black.

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