Dear, Hemmings

Dear, Hemmings, you're my pen pal. Love, Lizzie.


2. Dear, Lizzie,

Nice to see your letter. It defiantly came to the right person. Which I'm not a stalker, if I scroll through Ashton's Instagram feed, you can call me one.

You like penguins? I do too! Which I think you'll know because you know about me, haha.

Bands, All Time Low and Pierce The Veil, great choices! Alex Gaskarth worked with us with a song which was pretty, freaking awesome.

Ashton's over in the other room, complaining about why we play FIFA. And Calum and Mikey are playing it.

You probably know this, but I've hated Michael in the past. He hated me, I hated him.

You didn't give me a very long letter so I'll write a short one.

Have a great day!


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