Dear, Hemmings

Dear, Hemmings, you're my pen pal. Love, Lizzie.


3. Dear, Hemmings,

I don't know how short of a letter this is but I just want to talk about my day. And I still hope you're not lying about being a stalker, mister.

At school, it's kinda a wreck. My food fell on the floor in the school cafeteria and my tray and everything went all over me! It was very humiliating and people were laughing at me.

I tripped over a foot and it happened. A girl tripped me.

Allie Smith. She took all if my friends today and all of my friends, including my close, close friend ignored me.

During science, we were working on chemicals. I had a beaker in my hand, somebody pushed me over and I broke the it. I got in detention for breaking the beaker after a guy in my class said I dropped it on purpose.

I'm in detention right now writing this. I'm writing this secretly since we aren't allowed to do anything so I guess have a nice day.


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