Forget Me Not

"Please don't forget me."

Luca Peterson is in love with Aria Harlington. Except, the only problem is, she has short-term memory loss and forgets about him the very next day every time.


2. 1 || Numb The Pain

"I'm bleeding out."

I put a hand over my mouth as I squeezed my eyes shut, loudly sobbing. “Mom? Is this true?” I asked her, questioning her about the video I just played right after waking up. I didn’t want this to be true. This couldn’t be true. Please tell me it was only a dream. “Mom?” I asked once again when she didn’t reply, my voice hardly audible.

“Yes,” she replied dejectedly, confirming what I had watched was indeed very much true– I had short-term memory loss. My heart shattered into a million pieces, and I could feel as it burst into tiny particles of a lost cause and dropping down to the pits of my stomach.

It felt like the wind had been knocked right out of me. I gripped the edge of my couch, my knuckles turning white from how tightly I held onto it. I tried to breathe calmly, but it came out in low gasps. “B-But…” I didn’t know where to start with the questions. There were only so many. “When did this happen?” I quickly asked, whipping my head around so I could face her better.

This was all so confusing. It was so much to take in! I didn’t even remember the crash happening at all either. If I couldn’t remember the crash, how would I even know if this were true? Please tell me it wasn’t true, I silently begged.

She moved her hand up to her mouth. “Last September,” she answered, biting her finger nails, a habit of hers whenever she was nervous or stressed. Her eyes were red and I could tell she was very tired by the small wrinkles by her sad blue eyes. Just yesterday she was perfectly fine. We were discussing my classes with each other. But I guess my yesterday was a long time ago.

I only nodded my head in response and harshly bit my lip.


“Mom,” I said nervously, stepping in front of her view, “does this outfit look okay?” I spread my hands out by my side and turned around in it so she could see the back as well. I was wearing a turquiose vintage tank top that had an ivory lace overlay and a matching back panel with a black cardigan over and denim blue skinny jeans for bottoms. As for shoes, I decided to go with gray ballet flats. Casual, but cute–hopefully.

I didn’t want to seem like I was dressing up to impress everyone on the first day. I mean, it was only the first day. While some people dressed like they had no care and wore casual or even pajamas, some worse dresses and high heels. (I was mostly talking about how the girl’s dressed at my school, not the boys.) I was more like the casual type but representable. I was just really nervous about the first day, so I needed another person’s opinion.

She gave my outfit a onceover, making sure to examine it carefully. She nodded her head and I sighed in content. “Of course it looks okay. It’s a great back to school outfit.” She gave me a small smile to reassure me. I smiled back in thanks.

Being a girl, I had spent all day yesterday looking through my contents of new clothes in hopes to be able to piece together the perfect casual-but-cute first back to school outfit.

“Thanks, mom,” I said, my voice filled with relief. I went back to my room and took off my outfit for tomorrow and folded it neatly and set it on top of my clothes dresser. On my dresser, there was a picture in a picture frame of my parents and me. The sight of it caused me to smile. I hope my dad would come back home soon.

I went back downstairs to the living room where my mom was. She was watching TV so I sat down next to her and decided to join in. We were watching some lame movie about a sparkly vampire and some overly obsessed hairy guy who really needed a haircut who were both fighting over a girl who constantly stuttered. Seriously! Who even directed this movie?

“What classes are you taking this year?” my mom asked once a commercial came on, saving us from this dreadful movie. Thank goodness, I muttered in my head.

I thought about the classes I had registered for. “Um,” I muttered, as I tried to remember the classes I would be taking. “Well, I took all AP classes for my core classes, and I chose Criminal Justice, History of Philosophy A and B, and Library Assistant as my electives,” I told her, feeling satisfied with the choices I had made. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but all I knew was that I was really into law.

She beamed at me, making me feel proud that I had managed to make her happy. “Those are great classes, honey!” she exclaimed as she put a hand on my back encouragingly.

I always tried my best to get good grades in school in hopes that it would make my parents happy. It wasn’t just for them–it was for me as well. I was hoping that I would be able to go to college, get any sort of degree, find a job, and get a house of my own.

Smiling at her, I quickly frowned afterwards, doubt filling me. “Yeah, I just hope I do fine in them.” I nervously chuckled, worried that I might not be as good in the class as I would have hoped.

My mom waved her hand and rolled her eyes. “Nonsense, Aria. You’ll do great, I just know it,” she said, moving the hand on my back to my shoulder to gently squeeze it. Hearing her say so made me believe it as well.


After that, I couldn’t remember anything.

“What day is it now?” The question slipped out of my mouth before I had fully registered what I had just asked. Had a whole year already gone by now? Or even two or three? My lip quivered. I was afraid of the answer. Did I even really want to know?

It looked like my mom was debating if she should tell me or not. “It’s June twenty-third, year two-thousand-fourteen.” She sat down in the seat next to me, keeping some distance between us so that we could still see each other easily. “The accident was September fourth, just a day before your senior year.”

I didn’t even get to be a senior yet? I quickly did the math in my head to calculate how long it had been since then. “I-It’s been almost ten months?” I asked incredulously, my eyes going wide. My mouth opened and I shut it. I was at loss with words. Ten months? I had continuously forgotten things day after day for almost a whole year? That would mean I was already eighteen. I had forgot my own birthday.

“It has,” she said, lightly nodding her head, her short hair swaying. Her short hair? It used to be down to under her breasts. She always adored and cared so much for it–making sure it was conditioned, silky, and split-end-free. Why would she cut it?

Shaking my head, I stood up and grabbed my jacket off the coat rack and stormed out of the house, slamming the door shut after me. My fists clenched into tight balls by my sides and I angrily wiped away at the tears that came out. I just wanted to get away from this all.

I ran and ran, not even knowing where I was going. I had no destination–it’s not like I was going anywhere with my life anyway either. What could a girl with short-term memory loss possibly ever do? I obviously wouldn’t be able to get a job and buy my own house.

It hurt so freaking much–so much that nothing could numb the pain.

Before I could slow down my pace to stop myself into running into a blurry blob I saw in front of me, I bumped into a hard chest and fell back on my bottom. My hands scraped against the sidewalk, causing me to hiss in pain. I screamed in frustration and glared up at the person who I had run into, not caring that I looked like a complete mess. I knew it wasn’t their fault, I was just too angry to be able to help it.

Just my luck, I growled in my head.

“I’m sorry,” the stranger said apologetically, extending their hand to help me up. “Are you okay?” I couldn’t see them clearly from the tears clouding up my vision so I tried to quickly blink them away.

I realized how much of a jerk I was being so I dejectedly shook my head. “No, I’m sorry,” I mumbled before taking his hand. I felt a spark and I looked up into his lively, piercing blue eyes. They were so mesmerizing and enticing. Was it only me who had felt that way?

He quickly let go of my hand and nervously ran it through his dark blonde hair. “Hi, I’m Luca,” he stammered out, looking me straight in the eye but then nervously averting his gaze.

I chuckled at his adorableness. “Hi,” I replied, my voice giving away that I had obviously been crying. I sniffled, but smiled at him. “I’m Aria.” He smiled back at me, revealing his two dimples in his cheeks.

“As a repayment for bumping into you and making you fall flat on your butt, I shall walk you anywhere you chose to go, how about that?” he offered, raising an eyebrow and sympathetically smiling at me.

I gave him a once over to make sure he wasn’t suspicious or anything. “Do you do this to all the girls you stumble upon? Purposefully bump into them and offer to walk them somewhere, hopefully their home, and prey on them after that?” I teasingly accused, giving him a playful glare while crossing my arms.

“Only the pretty ones,” he said, adding a wink after, causing me to laugh and slightly blush at his attempt to flirt.

We were walking by now and I walked backwards so that I could face him. “Oh?” I raised an eyebrow at him, smirking. “So you admit to preying and stalking other girls?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself a stalker. More like an…” He pretended to think hard about it, tapping his pointer finger on his chin. “…observer,” he finished, jokingly of course. Or so I hoped.

My eyebrows shot up and I nodded my head. “Uh, huh, sure.” I sighed and turned back around. An idea came up into my head and I smirked. “Well, I don’t remember when the last time I ran was, so….” I started picking up my pace into a fast jog. “Last one is a rotten egg!” I shouted after I was in a full sprint. I wasn’t kidding either. I really didn’t remember when I had last run. But Luca would never know I meant it literally.

My arms swung next to me, my feet were pounding against the sidewalk cement, and my hair was flying back as I ran as fast as I could. I heard myself laugh and it echoed through the empty street, aside from Luca and me. This felt great.

“I’m right behind you!” Luca shouted probably only a few feet away from me. I could hear his heavy footsteps and before I knew it, he zoomed right past by me. I wasn’t upset that he had outrun me, instead I laughed.

He stopped at a STOP sign and I slowed down into a jog. “How does it feel to be beaten by The Great Luca, Rotten Egg?” he said in a mock reporter voice, shoving an invisible microphone under my chin.

I pretended to pout and set my hands on my waist. “Boy! I feel like such a loser, I must say!” I exclaimed, playing along. “Though, it was an honor being able to have a race against The-oh-so-Great Luca.” I pretended to bow and gave him a grin.

Luca gave me a look and we both started cracking up. I was laughing so hard that my insides were hurting now. Tears were slipping down my cheek. And I didn’t know if it was because I was happy or sad or both at the same time.

I was honestly so glad I was able to have so much fun today with Luca. But I wouldn’t even remember him tomorrow. And the thought of that made my heart ache terribly. This boy, Luca, I wanted to remember him.

Please don’t forget him, I pleaded desperately in my head as we started walking again. I was so focused on desperately pleading to myself to not forget about him that I hadn’t even noticed my legs carrying me to my own house.

I stopped in front of my door and gave Luca a smile. “Thanks for today, honestly, Luca.” And I meant it. If he hadn’t been there to be able to make me laugh, I don’t know how I would have gotten through this. Even if I had the other days, I just felt like I couldn’t have gone through it without him here today.

He nodded his head. “No problem,” he said, returning the smile, showing off his perfect teeth and two adorable dimples.

“Well I should go,” I said, trying to sound as normal as I possibly could. I was going to forget him, and I didn’t want to. “Goodbye.” I waved at him and gave him the brightest smile I could muster.

Before I shut the door, I heard him jokingly say, “Don’t forget about me!” The door closed and I slid down to the ground against it. I covered my face with my hands and tried my best to hold back the tears.

Oh how he didn’t know the irony of that.



(Aria's outfit that she was supposed to wear --->)

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