adopted by one direction

Harriet is in an orphanage. She thinks shell' never get out. Until one day one directionally to adopt a child...


3. paparazzi and fans

Harriets P:O:V

niall and i were just having an eating contest when liam said that we should go shopping.

as we walked outside screaming fans and paparazzi surrounded us.. 

"whos that slut bag" a roundom fan shouted.

"adopted me dump her" another one shouted

we jumped in the car and drove to the mall. 4 hours later..

finally home i thought niall had bought me so much and louis had bought me a bag of louis wow.

this is what i got.

mac book air

3 designer shoes

penny board



hug from zayn lol 



hi guys ill try to update regularly.. sorry for the wait 



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