adopted by one direction

Harriet is in an orphanage. She thinks shell' never get out. Until one day one directionally to adopt a child...


2. get her


I went back to my friend and I told her about Niall.

She just told me that I was being silly and that he'd never adopt me


I went back to the boys and we all went over to her. They agreed that we should adopt her and we signed the forms. We all got in the car we all just talked.

We also warned her about our fans  and that when we go out she needs to stick with us. Because our fans might get a little bit jealous.



Omg one direction adopted me 

When we got to the house Niall took me to my room. There was a huge t.v a queen size bed a enderman suite bathroom with a water slide!!! A walk in wardrobe and a laptop and a I phone 6!!!

I was so tired that I just went to sleep....




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