adopted by one direction

Harriet is in an orphanage. She thinks shell' never get out. Until one day one directionally to adopt a child...


1. adoption

Ok so today Mrs love said that five boys are coming to adopt a girl aged 9-15 so we all put on our best clothes and headed downstairs. I saw my best friend jazz and we just sat and talked. Suddenly a bunch of screaming began. AHH ITS ONE DIRECTION. Me and jazz just stared. Who are one one direction? I asked her.some famous boy band I think.....


I scanned the room to see if there were any girls who weren't screaming. I saw a girl talking to her friend so I went to talk to them.



N: hello my name is Niall horan what's yours?

H:I'm Harriet

N:nice to meet you have you ever heard our music?

H:no, what are those other boys Names?

N:wow I thought everyone new there names but still.. curles is harry styles,

Quiff is zany Malik, short hair is Liam Payne and the one eating carrots is Louis Tomlinson.

H:oh ok nice to meet you

I went to talk to the other Boys because I really want to adopt her.....

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