The Graveyard (Harry AU)

Harry works on a graveyard in London. His mum is in a coma from a car accidrnt and when a new girl enters the graveyard his whole world turns upside down. The question is: Can Harry take it all in?


1. O N E

Harry's pov

There was a new service today. London's graveyard gained another angel today, at least that was according to the pastor, who led the service. Apperently, a girl had died in a car crash, and she died on impact. I didn't cry anymore at these things, I did at first, even though I didn't know the person that was going to be 6 feet under, I at least had something related to these dead people underground.

I had been dead once too.

I remember it quite well actually, I was with my mum in her car and we were driving peacefully to my grandma's place. Some idiot that was driving next lane next to us, swerved on the road which made us drive into some kind of river. Luckily, someone called an ambulance and still to this day, 5 years later, my mum has been in a coma, and I've been here, in London's Graveyard, watching all these dead people wither.

I survived though, but I was nearly dead. I had a flat line in the ambulance. I had a loss for oxygen when my mum and I were in the car. I was saved in the hospital though, and now here I am, watching how these people are getting buried and how I am going to see them later on. Not excactly alive, just their spirits and how they look.

“Jesus that poor girl, died in a car crash. I remember when I was as old as that girl, not even twenty years old, and happy and jumping, now look at that, Harry. People don't deserve those things.” Mrs. Henderson said.

I turned to look at her, stopping with painting a bench. “Yeah it's sad, at least she didn't have pain when she died.” I said and Mrs. Henderson nodded her head.

Mrs. Henderson was an woman, waiting for her husband to join her with the dead, only then she could go to the afterlife. Her husband, Mr. Henderson is still jumping around on the face on earth so it may take a while.

“That's true, Harold. I hope she'll be here soon, we haven't had much new company in a while.” I nodded.

I usually hated when people called me harold, but I knew I wouldn't (and I couldn't in this situation) hurt woman, so I just gritted my teeth and moved on while she had a smirk on her face. The woman knew.

“Yeah I hope so.” I said as I watched the people leave the cemetry.

“Harry! Could you come up here for a second!” Mr. Smith called up to me, he's the owner of the cemetry, I am like his help (or slave more like) I had to do everything he said to keep this cemetry in order to keep this a pleasent place for people. Even though it isn't a pleasant place at all but you have to keep this a neat place, although Mr. Smith.

“Harry, meet Mrs. Fisher, she's the mother of Rose-Mary who passed away, sadly and she's just been buried here, she has a few requests for her daughter's grave.”

“Ah Mrs Fisher my sincere colondeances for your loss. ” I said. It was abit formal though, but you must keep everyone pleased.

“Thank you, Harry. I really hope you can make a good place for our Rosie to stay.” The lady said.

I nodded, “Please sit down Miss, would you like some cup of tea, coffe or something else?” I asked her.

“No thank you, Harry. I just came here to give some requests for her grave.” and again I nodded and sat down infront of here with a notepad.

'So in our agenda says that her gravestone will be placed on August the 25th, it's the twelfth now, so I can't start untill then, but what would you like for her grave?”

She nodded, “Well, I would really like some colorfull flowers with her grave, she was a colorfull person and I'd like it to keep that way.” she sniffled and I gave her a tissue.

“is there anything else you would like for me to do?” I asked her, who was full in tears now.

“Just keep the leaves ang grass and things away from her grave, I'd like to eep her place clean.”

“Will surely keep my promise to that. I'll be sure to start on it when her gravestone is neatly placed.”

“Thank you, Harry” she said and left.


“What's her name again?” Rudy asked me.

“Rose-Mary, but her mum called her Rosie so I think Rosie must be her nickname.”

“Yeah or it's short for Rose-Mary.” Rudy said.

Rudy is a 7 year old boy, his dad used to beat him up. One day his dad slapped him with a beer bottle on his dead, and chocked him after. His dad is in the hospital now and I have no idea why Rudy hasn't crossed yet. He doesn't know what his ultimatum is.

Every dead person on this graveyard has a ultimatum. They will cross to the afterlife when they reached their ultimatum. Mrs. Henderson has to wait until her husband will pass away, that will take a while though.

Rudy doesn't know what his ultimatum is, or he knows and he's lying to me but then he might be stuck in the inbetween forever and isn't what he deserves.

Then you have Marie-Louise who died last year in a thunderstorm, her ultimatum is that she has to wait, for what, nobody knows only her. I tried to talk to her though and she knows bloody well what her ultimatum is and I want to help her but I can't, she won't let me help her.

So that's all us, and soon Rose-Mary will join us.

“Isn't that was I was saying?” I said to Rudy who was sitting with me in front of his grave.

“No you said that Rosie was her nickname, I siad it was just a contraction for her name.” Rudy politely pointed out.

“Yeah yeah whatever. I have to go home but I'll see you tomorrow.” I said to Rudy. I politely waved to Mrs. Henderson and went home.


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