Sing Me to Sleep | A Kind-of-Not-Really Movellas Fanfiction

Her crooked mind broke.

Quinn Jay has a brain tumour. She forgets. She remembers. She is happy. She is sad.
She is losing all control.
As she struggles to come to terms with her illness, she finds that the distance between her and her loved ones grows. So she comes up with a drastic solution.
She just wants them to be happy.
Note: Although this is a movellas fanfiction, it's just names and ships that I've included. I've basically made everyone into rich snobs, so you know.


3. Mr Gorgeous and Mr Gorgeous

The uniform of Movelle Academy consisted of a black and grey tartan skirt and a white shirt with a grey cardigan and black shoes with white socks. Quinn's shoes were high heels and her skirt was . . . well, short, neither of which were strictly against the rules but still weren't considered acceptable. Of course, no one dared to object. She was Quinn Jay, the richest and therefore most popular girl in the school. Not to mention the most beautiful. Boys drooled as she walked past, girls too. She was idolised, adored, sout after and didn't care. At least, that was the impression she gave. As she strode toward the entrance her two lackeys, Raven and Ahlaam, slotted into formation behind her.

Raven Selvern had pale, near-translucent skin and dark, near-black eyes. Her hair, too, was the colour of her namesake and she had styled it peculiarly to resemble feathers. She was obsessed with ravens. When choosing her latest boy toy she'd always go for the one most like a raven. She often said that 'ravens belong with ravens'. Quinn found it amusing.

Ahlaam Niisha was the only non-white person in the school. You'd think that such a thing would lead to bullying but nobody cared about skin colour, it was all about the money. She was also the hes only Muslim and wore a headscarf. Her defining feature was her curious attachment to the colour blue. She wore blue clothes, ate blue food and fell in love with anyone mildly attractive who told her their favourite colour was blue. This led to a love triangle with her and two blue-eyed boys who solely wore blue (purely to impress her). They were the same level of wealth and every day they each gave her something blue. Quinn suspected that Ahlaam hadn't chosen one yet because she favoured the attention.


"Where were you yesterday?" Raven whined. "There's a new guy who's even better than Alexander Quite. He's heavenly. We've been showing him around so far, but we could have studying to do if you want."

"He's so hot. So. Hot." Ahlaam stated. "If he wore more blue I'd choose him over Quentin and Finn. Of course, he's the only one even close to your level of wealth, so we all know he belongs to you." Ahlaam didn't quite understand subtlety.

"I'll have to see him myself. What's his name?"

"Rodrigo Waythe."

"Mr Gorgeous."

"He has a twin brother too," Raven added, glaring at Ahlaam who shrugged.



"Mr Gorgeous. They've got the same last name, duh."

"Why do you think I'd favour Rodrigo over Paul?"

"They're not identical twins," Raven responded, restraining herself from hitting Ahlaam,

"And Rodrigo is more suited to your tastes. He's older by twenty minutes as well, so he inherits his father's company. Paul gets his mother's. Which is nice enough, but isn't as successful as his father's."

"I haven't seen Paul. Is Paul hot? I hope he's hot. Does he like blue?" Raven sighed.

"I don't know. You'll see, he's in your English Literature. Rodrigo is in our form, so you'll see him now Quinn."  


After parting with Ahlaam, Raven and Quinn entered their form room. They took their seats at the back of the classroom and awaited their tutor.

"Um, excuse me?" said Erin, the girl who sat in front of them. Commonly nicknamed 'Prodigy', she was renowned for being the smartest girl in school and a brilliant hacker.

"What is it, Prodigiant?" Raven queried.

"I assume you've got your eyes set on the new boys? I have some information on them, if you want it. Also, um, please don't call me Prodigiant."

"Sure, Prodigiant. Quinn, what do you think?"

"I'll take it. What are you charging?"

"Half of your computer login time for this week and next."

"Done." Quinn was handed a blue folder which she slid into her bag. A few minutes later, Rodrigo walked in. His golden-blond hair fell in soft waves in a casual messy style that probably took forever to create. His piercing, cat-like blue eyes swept the room, landing on Quinn and Raven. His lips curved up in a self-assured smile on his perfect jaw. 

Quinn wasn't interested in him. She was confused for a moment, then it hit her: she was going to slowly go crazy, then die. She needed to be free from relationships, she didn't want to hurt anyone anymore than necessary. She sighed. He walked over, his movements elegant and cat-like. He had an aura of a feline nature.

"Is this seat taken?" He gestured to the seat on the other side of Raven from Quinn.

"No," Quinn said, at the same time that Raven said

"Yes." He raised a perfect eyebrow.

"Is it taken?"

"It's not," Quinn responded. Raven appeared confused.

"But I thought it was."

"She wanted to sit with someone else," Quinn told her, hoping she got the hint. Thankfully this was Raven, not Ahlaam, so Quinn's hopes were fulfilled.

"Oh, okay then. I didn't expect that. Not that it's a problem, just didn't expect it."

"So, Rodrigo?" Quinn turned to him before Raven could give it away.

"I'm Quinn. I'm sure you've heard of me."

"Yes. I have. I've heard lots. You're not going to ask me if I like blue, are you? Or about my opinion on ravens?"

"I wasn't going to, although I'm now interested to hear your answers."

"Blue is an awful colour and ravens are pests." Raven glared at him. Quinn simply chuckled.

"I can imagine how well that went down."

"Hey, Quinn. Raven. Rodrigo." Ann and Jess arrived, holding hands. They'd been together for three years and there was a rumour that Ann was going to propose.

"Hey, you two. How are you doing?" While Quinn chatted to the couple, Rodrigo and Raven  were forced to talk to each other, being on the end of the row. A few times she listened in and was amused to find them arguing about animals. She thought they were perfect for each other.  

At break, Quinn took up her usual spot. Soon she was joined by her lackeys, the couple, Ahlaam's suitors and a few others.

"I'm so excited for English Lit next. I hope this Paul person likes blue." Ahlaam's suitors tried to shuffle a little closer to her. Which was difficult, seeing as they were across the table. 

"He certainly seems to. His pens and pencils are all blue," Jess remarked. The suitors shuffled again. Ahlaam looked thoughtful.

"Quinn, why aren't you going for Rodrigo?" Raven asked.

"He doesn't wow me. For me to be interested I need someone to wow me. Besides, I think I'd rather go for someone older. I just find boys of our age immature."

"You're so wise, as always." Ann grinned at her. "Boys of our age are very immature. That's why I've given up on them." Jess rolled her eyes.

"Don't listen to her. She's crazy."

No, Quinn thought. I am. Or, at least, I will be.

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