Sing Me to Sleep | A Kind-of-Not-Really Movellas Fanfiction

Her crooked mind broke.

Quinn Jay has a brain tumour. She forgets. She remembers. She is happy. She is sad.
She is losing all control.
As she struggles to come to terms with her illness, she finds that the distance between her and her loved ones grows. So she comes up with a drastic solution.
She just wants them to be happy.
Note: Although this is a movellas fanfiction, it's just names and ships that I've included. I've basically made everyone into rich snobs, so you know.


1. Crooked

The sun rose reluctantly over the buildings of London. A few wispy clouds clung to the skyline, flushed pink.

In a crooked house on a crooked street, a crook girl awoke. She brushed her crooked hair and she filled her crooked belly. She dressed her crooked body and she took her crooked bag. She turned to shout a crooked farewell.


Her crooked mind broke

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