Just bitten

Renesmee isn't Balla and Edwards only child, as another freak pregnancy erupts within the couple in love, A new baby girl is brought into the world. As Renesmee runs away with her new found love Jacob, Elises' maturity escelates quickly withing the next few days as the new born has become a strong independant teenage girl.
Riley Biers, who the Cullens thought was burning in hell hadn't been killed, for the second time, but was still walking about the streets and captured their daughters heart.
Love, lust and compassionate fan fiction.


1. Goodbye Renesmee, Hello Elise.


"Mum!!" Renesmee screamed as her mother, Bella, was sprawled on the ancient shaggy rug in their living room. Bella thrived in pain, sweat dripped from her white, cold face. Edward was out at this time, hunting for his family he would be gone for quite a few hours and by now he was probably miles and miles into the woods.

Renesmee dropped to her knees next the her mothers wriggling body. "Go get help!" Bella strained her voice. Bella held her stomach and screamed in pain, this pain felt familliar what's going on?

With the Cullens' familiy home only on their doorstep Renesmee left her mother screaming on the living room floor, she ran until she reached the beautiful manshion like home that she never got to live in. The odly shaped house had doors on the third floor, wide open without a balcony, windows surrounded the house, it was filled with mirrors on the inside making the house brighter than ever, how ironic.

Renesmee crashed in through the glass front door, oops, she startled the whole family in the front room. Rosalie looked straight at her with a large smile plastered on her face, Rosalie was always happy to see Renesmee she truly loved her more than anything. Jasper and Alice both stared at her feircefully Emmett was no where to be seen. Carlise and Esme stared at her in shock, "It's Mum. theres something wrong" You could hear the fear in her voice, if she could she would have cried. Everybody rose to their feet and they all scattered out of the manshion.

Renesmee had always admired their interior. it wasn't too tacky but it wasn't too dear either, most of their interior was black and white, most of the tables were made out of glass or oak. Their couches were white leather and their couch cushions were black and comfortable. Their walls were all white a few were slightly tinted magnolia but it was prettier white, it remined Renesmee of snow.

Everybody huddled around Bella's squirming body, she screamed in pain and her face looked drained "where's Edward" she mumbled through her pain. "i'll call him" Alice leapt off the floor and shot outside with her cell phone, Renesmee followed. She watched Alice diall Edwards number, she placed the cell phone to her ear muttering the words "c'mon edward, pick up, pick up, pick up" "Hey! You better get her quickly, it's bella it seems that she's..." Alice cut herself off "Hurry up! there's no time!" she clicked her phone off and spun around to waltz back into the cute little homely cottage. But there was something stopping her.

"Oh, hey Renesmee" Alice said friendly

"How didn't you see this?" Renesmee yelled at Alice

"I, I don't know, sometimes I don't get to see everything" Alice said feeling guilty

Renesmee ignored alices' poor excuse and locked her vision on the two figures heading towards them. "Alice! what's happned?" She heard a familiar voice shout. Alice looked straight behind her at the two figures "She's in there" Alice pointed to the house and then followed both of them inside. it was Edward and Emmett. 

Renesmee followed inside the house, she stood at the door leaning on her side staring into the room. "But that's NOT possible" Shouted Edward "there wasn't even a bump?" He muttered confusingly. "The Volturi" Alice sounded afraid, "Remeber what happened last time?" Alices' voice trembled. Edward knelt on the floor next to bella and gripped her hand and kissed her forehead. "We'll just have to talk to them then won't we?" Alice straightened her back and sat on the couch with Emmett and Jasper.

Rosalie and Esme were with Bella and Edward, Renesmee stared at the four of them in complete confusion. "And PUSH!" Esme instructed bella, a loud strained scream escaped Bellas mouth. "That's it! just one more sweetheart" Esme smiled. Bella pushed once more and screamed in pain for the last time. "Its another baby girl!" Rosalie laughed with joy. The whole family were full of joy accept Renesmee.

Rosalie handed over the new born baby to Bella and Renesmee watched in horror. "How did this happen?" Renesmee asked as she stared at the baby "we don't know, pure luck i guess" Carlise explained to Renesmee. "This is some kind of joke right? I mean, you can't keep it, What will the Voltori say?" Bella and Edward both looked at Renesmee in horror

"we'll sort out the voltori ourselves, but for now come say hello to your new baby sister" Edward smiled at Renesmee holding his arm out for her to take. Renesmee laughed "What a joke." Everyone stared at her with sadness and shock in their eyes. "What are you saying Renesmee?" Bella freaked. Renesmee walked out of the living room and straight into the bedroom. Renesmees' heart sank beneath her chest, she felt as if someone had torn her heart into a million pieces and force fed them to her. not another baby. Renesmee knew that the Voltori would probably kill them this time. She couldn't handle the loss.

She grabbed a bag and threw everything into it. All of her clothes, all of her makeup and all of her toiletries into one big bag. she looked at her cell phone which was lying on her bed, she looked at her wall, her pink wall, she had string lights hanging on her walls and a large morror on each. Renesmee picked up her phone and dialled Jacobs number. "Hello beautiful" He said, Renesmee smiled, "Hey, do you want to go away? just us two?" She swallowed "What do you mean?" He asked with hesitation. "Run away with me Jacob?" She begged "Really? you want to?" He sounded so enthusiastic as if he'd waited to hear Renesmee ask him "Yes. Run away with me?" Renesmee smiled as jacob told her to be over as quickly as possible.

She strutted back into the living room with ther hand on her hip and the bag weighing down her shoulder. Everybody looked at her "where are you going?" Emmett said as he noticed her bag "What i'm saying is, mum and dad, i'm going to Jacob's. Goodbye everyone" Renesmee sniffed up really hard fighting back the feeling of crying. "Renesmee!" Bella screamed.

"Bella let her go, its been a huge shock for her, for all of us,a few nights at jacobs' isn't going to hurt her" Jasper advised. Bella nodded in agreement.

"Maybe you're right" She smiled.

"So... What are you guys going to call her?" Rosalie screamed at them with joy. Edward and Bella shared a look "What about Elise?" Edward said with a smile plastered on his face. Bella looked down at her new baby and smiled "Yeah I like that... Elise" 


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