Real girls eat cake - Janoskians

Sophie was born in Australia but has lived her whole life in Ireland. She is now 17 almost 18 and is moving back to Australia with her family. When they get there, Sophie's aunt has a big welcome party for Sophie and her family. She invites all her neighbours, including the Janoskians. Sophie become good friends with the Janoskians. But what happens when Sophie is caught up in a love triangle with two of the janoskians? Will she make the right decision? Read to find out!


10. The Park

The Park

Sophie's P.O.V:

After reading both letters I decided to go to the park for a run to clear my head and hopefully to help me decide. I quickly put on my grey running shorts, my blue tech shirt, my grey and pink north face rain jacket and my blue nike runners. Then I tied my hair up in a ponytail and went on my run.

Once I got to the park I put my earphones in my ears and started listening to my music. I was listening to Superheroes by the Script when I accidentally bumped into to someone. I took my earphones out and the person turned around. It was Beau. I apologised to him and he forgave me. :P

"Sophie, what's wrong, and don't say nothings wrong, I can see it in your eyes" Beau said. So I told him about the letters, my feelings for both of them and everything.

After I was done talking Beau spoke up. "I see where you're coming from but I know they both really like you but honestly and don't tell either of them I said this, I think Luke is just that small bit better for you because he has never felt this way about anyone before, he's never gone out with anyone because he was waiting for the one and also I think his feelings for you are much more than the feelings Jai has for you, Jai does like you though, a lot more than he's liked any other girl but the question is are your feelings for Luke are stronger than your feelings for Jai?" He asks. "Yea I think there a small bit stronger than my feelings for Jai" I say "Ok then, it's sorted you're going to chose Luke but your going to have to try and do it in a way so that you and Jai can still be friends" He says "Ok, but how do I do that?" I ask "I'd say wait until the weekend and let them both know that you got a letter off both of them and then tell Jai alone that you do have feelings for him but right now you'r feelings for Luke are stronger, and then you can tell Luke how you feel about him" Beau says. "Ok, thanks so much Beau! You've really helped me out!" I say and give him a quick kiss on the cheek (a friendly one). We say our goodbyes and I run off towards home. Tomorrow's going to be an eventful day I think to myself. When I get home I text Luke an Jai:

To: Luke :) , Jai :)

Hey! Do you want to come over tomorrow night for a sleepover? :) x

They both reply almost immediately

From: Luke :)

Yea, I do! Can't wait to see you then! :) x

From: Jai :)

I'd love to! See you then! :) x

I told my mom that they were coming over and she was ok with it.

Sophie's outfit:



Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter! I hope to update again this week but I'm really busy! I'm going on a trip with 2 of my aunts and my sister from tomorrow until Wednesday and on Thursday my friend and I are in a national competition so thatshould take most of the day and on Friday I'm going visiting relatives, but hopefully I'll manage to find some time to update! 

Oh and thanks to Louis'CrazyMofo for voting! It really meant a lot! :) 



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