Real girls eat cake - Janoskians

Sophie was born in Australia but has lived her whole life in Ireland. She is now 17 almost 18 and is moving back to Australia with her family. When they get there, Sophie's aunt has a big welcome party for Sophie and her family. She invites all her neighbours, including the Janoskians. Sophie become good friends with the Janoskians. But what happens when Sophie is caught up in a love triangle with two of the janoskians? Will she make the right decision? Read to find out!


4. DareSundays


Sophie's P.O.V:

I woke up to sunlight pouring through the curtains, I rolled over and picked up my phone and looked at the time it was 10:00 am. The boys were picking me up at 11:30. I decided since I was awake to get up and have a shower and get ready. I got my towel and clothes and went into to the beathroom to have my shower. I decied to wear my I woke up like this off the shoulder grey hoodie with a white cami underneath it, also my ripped 3/4 lenght skinny jeans, my black TOMS, my ring that my auntie Janet gave me for my 17th birthday I decided to leave my hair down except for one small plait and wear my vans galaxy snapback. I took one quick look in the mirror before running downstairs into the kitchen.

When I got into the kitchen I saw aunt Mel sitting at the table eating cereal. "Morning Mel" I said while walking over to the kettle to make myself a cup of tea. "Morning" Mel replied. Once I had made my tea and got myself a slice of toast I sat down at the table across from Mel. "So I saw you taking to the Brook's brothers and their friends last night" She said "Yea, their really nice lads, I'm going filming with them today well I'm just going to watch the DareSundays one but the said that I can join the Janoskians one" I said eagerly "Oh very nice, I'm great friends with the Brook's brothers Mom Gina, she's very proud of their videos I've seen loads their hilarious!" Mel says

Suddenly I hear a knock at the door, "come in!" Mel yells the front door opens and in walks Luke, "Morning Mel, Sophie are you ready?" Mel elbows me and winks "Yea, Bye Mel" I say and follow Luke out the door where Beau and Jai are waiting in the car. I get into the back next to Luke "Morning Sophie" Beau and Jai say "Morning guys, sleep well?" I ask "Yea, quite well, you?" Beau says "Yea, so where are James and Skip?" I ask "Oh, their meeting us there" Jai replies. for the rest of the journey we listen and sing along to songs on the radio. We pull up to a house. "Who's house is this?" I ask "It's James's house" Beau replies. We all get out of the car and walk up to the door but before Beau could open the door James appears at the door. 

"Hey guys, Skip's out the back waiting." We follow James through the house to the back where we see Skip who was just finished filling up a blow-up pool with water from the garden hose. Beau, Luke and Jai Took off their hoodies and tops, leaving them just in swimming shorts. "So are we ready to film?" James asks "Yea" Beau replies "So Anna, would you be able to film this for us?" James asks "Sure" I say. Luke turns on the camera and hands it to me. They all introduce themselves and then explain the challenge and pour in loads of ice into the pool.

They decide to hold hands while going in. Jai is the first to get out followed by Skip and then James. Beau lies down and so does Luke. After a few minutes Beau gives up and gets out so Luke does a handstand and gets out. Then they decide to push Jai into the pool, when he gets out he trys to push Skip in but he ends up being pushed in again followed by Luke. After they said their goodbyes Beau starts to get sick. Once the camera is turned off they all run inside and have hot showers.

I make myself a cup of tea in the kitchen and drink it. Luke is the first person to join me in the kitchen so we start to talk.

A-  Anna L- Luke

L- so what did you think of our daresundays video?

A- it was funny.

L- well we're doing a Janoskians video tomorrow we're doing Pegging and we were wondering if you would like to join us?

A- I would love to! So just wondering when does school start back here?

L- Oh it starts in 2 weeks time, are you going to be going to the local school?

A- yea, is that where you guys go?

L- yea, it's an ok school. Are you going to be in year 12?

A- yea! You're in year 12 aren't you?

L- yea, Jai, James and I are, Skip and Beau are finished school.

A- cool, so what are the rest of our year like?

L- their ok there's just some people you have to watch out for

A- oh ok.

Then the other guys join us and they fill me in on what we're going to be doing in the pegging challenge. 


Sophie's outfit:

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